HI Waiting For Test Result From Doc Help Make Sense Plz

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want2know - June 13

Hello,I was on this forum months ago and had alot of really great support/info from the people here so here I am again full of questions to ease my mind. Back when i was here before it was because i was missing periods feeling all the symptoms ect,when i went to the doc I was told to chalk it up to irregular periods and stress,so i did, for the last few months all was well and regular.My last period was 5/25-5/29 normal. I had unprotected on the 6/1 spotted a Very little bit of and on through the 3rd. Now on the 12th I woke up to what i thought was a period,i work 3rd shift so i wore liners all night nothing but a small dab hit liner.went to docs. she did a pelvic exam and results will be back monday to rule out any infections and all but she said if theres no infection it could be implantation bleeding??? a urin test there came up neg for preggo,how long does it take from this implanation to get results? Sorry this is long but waiting is soooo hard to do and I could use some thoughts here,any info would be great thanks all!!


want2know - June 14

wanted to add as of right now it has changed from pink to just brown but a little more of it than there was,still just a little on liner...if it is implantation bleeding how long does it last?


dannygirl4you - June 14

Hi Want2know I found this and hope it helps you Having a bit of spotting? Light, brief (lasting just a day or two) spotting can actually be a sign of early pregnancy. It’s known as “implantation bleeding,” and here’s what it means: A few days after conception, that little fertilized (yay!) egg starts digging into the wall of your uterusand getting ready to grow. Since the uterine lining is nice and rich with blood, some folks spot a bit at this point. This is totally normal and no cause for concern. A pregnancy test and doctor's visit is in order, though, to make sure implantation bleeding is truly the culprit. There aren't reliable stats on how many women actually experience implantation bleeding. Some do, some don't. And some claim it lasts for one day; others say three or four. All in all, there's no real way to know whether spotting (or lack thereof) indicates pregnancy. Only a test can tell. If you find yourself bleeding heavily or for more than a couple of days, or if you bleed during a later stage of your pregnancy, call your doctor right away. This could be a sign of miscarriage or an ectopic (often called “tubal”) pregnancy


want2know - June 15

hey thnx for the reply.when the doc told me that if results for infections were neg.(which were pretty sure it will be) she wanted me to go on pre-nat. vitamins it hit me off guard as id just takin on the att_tude of "whatever happens happens" i am still getting very small amount of lightbrownish pink blood but other then that and some killer heartburn i feel fine! crossing fingers here that its a little one digging in :) id be interested in knowing anyones personal expierence here.


want2know - June 16

just wanted to update in case anyone is watching/should anyone ever have anything like this happen to them,i know ive browsed the forums for answers and seen so many unresolved issues,lol. I just spoke with a nurse at my clinic all clear on any and all infections so she wants me to test around when my period was soposed to be here at the end of the month and treat it right now,just to be safe as if I am preggers.kind of excited here but trying not to get too excited since we just dont know...would still love to hear anyones expierences with I.B or finding out they were preg. in wierd ways,hahah..thnx!



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