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wannabemom - January 30

are hiccups a common sign of pregnancy when continued through week couple hours a day?


chica - January 30

i dont know


sharon - January 31

ive heard it can be a sign. has anyone else had this or really bad heartburn. ive never suffered from heartburn before and was in alot of pain after few hours after drinking pure orange juice.


deah - January 31

i have 2 children and possibly another one on the way...hiccups for me has always been my first symptom. i also have an aunt who has a load of children and that was also her first symptom


b - July 24



Janie - July 24

Whoa!!! I was wondering about hiccups too, I think it may have been one of the first signs for me with my first child, the thing is I can't remember having them at all since then, untill yesterday and now several times today!!! But no hpt+ yet. Anyone else experiencing hiccups? Any possibility of them being related to pregnancy?


puerto rican mami - November 7

hey i have also ben experiencing hiccups but every hpt i take have came out neg. I am trying to have a baby. but dont know were we are going wrong at. I havent yet experienced any other signs yet. Can someone tell me whats another methoud i caN take in trying to veome pregnant


Aly - November 7

I've got hiccups today and I was wondering as well, Sharon I've been getting very bad heart burn in the monrnings and at night time.


cammy - November 7

oh my, the heartburn started 8 dpo and continued throughout pregnancy. I had to live on tums and even a gla__s of water would set me on fire! Goodluck to you!


Tammy - November 8

Let us all pray for hiccups this month, lol. good luck


Katie - November 8

That's so funny to hear. I am 7 1/2 wks. pg and I've had some major hiccups, I kinda thought it might have something to do with it. It's so funny and exciting the little things your body does while pg.



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