High Temperature 5 Days In Row Preg

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Shelley - October 5

For the past 5 days my body temp has been 99.1 or so!!!, i heard that when you are pregnant you have a higher body temp., is this a reliable symptom, i've had other symptms too, anyone know anything about this body temp thing


inlimbo - October 5

Do you mean with a regular themometor? The reason I ask is cause I took my temp for the last 3 days cause I have been feeling kind of warm all over and my temps have been 99 to 100 with reg themometor.


shelley - October 5

yes , i just used a regular thermometer, do you know what this means?


inlimbo - October 5

Well, I just threw up so it could mean a lot of things. My son was sick over the weekend andhe threw a couple of times. I hope this does not mean that I am getting sick. Anyway, I really don't know if the reg. thermometer tells you if your pregnant or not. Hopefully someone else can answer that.


Alana - October 5

ive noticed high temps too, first i felt a flu/ fever coming on, bt then noticed my b___bs getting sore, i have no clue, please someone who knows, help us!! has anyone felt this????


stillwaiting - October 5

right on target, took two urine tests and all negative, could be too early to tell, but definitly feel warmer, i did read that in the first trimester or so, the body temperature stays high, i don't know why, but this is definitly a symptom of pregnancy, i felt like I had a fever when I was first pregnant with my daughter, know I hope to be expecting again, don't know!!! i'm praying


if ur pg - October 5

you need 18 days of high temps to consider a good sign of pregnancy. a regular thermometer is not as accurate as a basal body temperature. the shaking of a normal thermometer can raise your temps. If its a digital it wont be as accurate but can still be used as long as you use the same one each month so you can compare charts. BBT's are only about 10 bucks.


anna - October 16

the symptoms I had about 4 days past ovulation were, sore nipples, very tired, back ache, temps that stayed up (reg digital them, 99.5 to 100 on occasion) no period, 2 days late. I have not taken a pregnancy test yet....because I'm a whimp, and am nervous about the results. But I will take one this week on Oct 21st. Hope this helps!!


meggie - October 16

You need to take your temps before getting out of bed. After that temps can be affected by anything such as food, activity etc....Also 18 temps above normal is a good sign.



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