High Temps No AF Spotting Pls Help Need Advice

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MommyInLove - December 30

Hi ladies, I am new to this site, I have looked everywhere on the web for advice and I hear so many diff things so I am actually just driving myself insane seeking the right answers to my questions that is why I decided let me just ask and hopefully someone else will be going through the same thing (Sorry not in a bad way) or been in this same situation before... Here goes: I am on the pill and missed it for a few days and had s_x, I didnt take note of much happening as I was waiting for my AF To pay me a visit. But now for the last week I have been exp a few things that are confusin me. Today my AF should have arrived as that is what it says on my pill pack but nothing and I am usually very ontime. 1. High temps at 36.9 C constantly hasnt gone down at all 2. Spotting - I have had minimal spotting for the past 3 days, not enough but just enough to use a pantyliner - Brown colour, on and off, no red colour to it 3. Had cramps 3 days ago and they have dissapeared now all I have is dull aches in my right side of pelvis and right thigh is really sore. Sometimes a stabbing feeling - tight 4. Extreme headaches, which is a usual case for me but these dont go away at all. 5. I have very sensitive nipples, br___ts are a lil tender but not like they usually are when AF arrives. 6. I am so hungry, I dont usually eat chocies and that is all I want at the moment, when I dont eat I get really nasty, I have just eaten 2 pieces of toast and I am still hungry - I am a lil women so I dont eat much :) 7. I had Endometriosis and my gynae removed it 3 months ago, all clear now, so I had a full D&C I have been pregnant 2, only 1 baby m/c last year. I dont want to test right now as I dont want to go thru the dissapointment again again and again. Please would someone help me try and figure this out, if it is just me or is there actually something happening? Thank you so much ladies and BABY DUST to you all ;)


Grandpa Viv - December 30

Your temp does not seem high (98.4F) unless you are temperature charting and know what your cover line is. Eighteen days above the cover line is a strong indication. The other signs are pretty encouraging, though it is difficult to know what your body's reaction has been to being deprived of the pill for 3 days. If you are pregnant you should be able to get a positive this coming weekend using first morning pee. GL!



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