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Daisy Jean - November 19

Sorry. I know I've seen this question on here before. My apologies, but I didn't read the answers. I woke up this morning feeling like I'd done a serious ab workout. I didn't. Is this a possible sign? I am only about 7 days past O.


Lilly Mae to Daisy Jean - November 19

HI. I am preg and I don't feel like that. good luck


billy jo - November 19

maybe. take a test. good luck


Beth Ann - November 19

at 7 dpo the only thing I felt was headaches. MY one friend who was pregnant said it felt like she did a thousand sit ups.


Jen - November 20

It would be too early for a test. And yes, I have heard women describe this feeling during pregnancy. If af is late I would take a test then. Good luck.


Daisy Jean - November 20

Thanks, Lillie Mae, billy jo, Beth Ann, and Jen.I have had very minor headaches. zDidn't think of that. I will test if AF is late. Any others who have experience with this? Is it too early?


julybaby - November 20

Hi Daisy Jean. The only symptom I had was a slight dull headache that I would wake up with. That started around 7-8 dpo and continued through bfp. Good luck to you!


7wks - November 20

I am 7 weeks pregnant and I didn't have any symptoms at all until this week where I have felt some nausea. I think women (including myself for several months) tend to overa___lyze every little twinge with our bodies because we want it so bad. But then the disappointment gets greater and greater with every month that AF shows up. It took me six months to get pregnant and the month that it happened, I decided to stop a___lyzing everything and I just relaxed. There's nothing worse than getting your hopes up time and time again only to be shot down by AF.


Erin - November 20

I completely agree with 7wks. Most pg symptoms don't show up until around 6 weeks or so, and the ones that do tend to show early can also be symptoms of AF coming. It is SO hard to not a___lyze everything your body is doing, especially when it's something that you don't remember happening before. Right now, I have bigger, sore, leaking bbs and feel bloated with regular headaches. My temp is also high. Problem? My period showed a little over a week ago and we used a condom the day before ovulation. So, I'm not pg. But I'm showing "pg symptoms". Your best bet is to wait until AF is due and see what's going on with your body then. Good luck!!! (and btw, I felt that way when I was pg, but I also felt that way the month before I got pg... and again this past month)


Daisy Jean - November 20

Thanks, Julybaby, 7wks, Erin. Of course, logically I know it is really early and I won't really know anything for a while yet. I just never had that worked out ab feeling before. I know it could be nothing. Thanks. Good luck to all ttcers.



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