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Jules - August 29

Heya Gals - Happy Monday! How is everyone doing? Chriss, hoping you're okay - let us know how it's going! It's chilly here today - typical August weather. Looking forward to Summer! Dh and I went house-hunting yesterday and put in an offer on a great home - and it has a pool! YAY! Anyhoo, if it's meant to be it will be - so we should know by Friday. Very exciting. Baby is kicking more and more - it makes me laugh. Seriously - the sensation of it gives me the giggles! And she kept me up between 2am and 4:30 amd this morning. She wouldn't quit! So here I am exhausted - with loads to do, per usual - thinking that my little gymnast deserves a smack for keeping me up so late! Actually, I did do the boep in Dh's back thang this morning - it's how I woke him up :) heh heh heh - now he knows how it feels ;) Naughty child that we have! Hope you all have a great week. Lotsa love and will catcha layder xxxxx


jue - August 29

Hi girls. well it is a bank holiday here so not much happening. having fun making sure my boys have everything they need to go back to school next week. it will be the last year for my eldest before he has to find a job. what is everyone else up to. jules what did your dh think of his wake up call? chat later


Jules - August 29

Heya Jue - poor sausage has the 'flu so he's dying, actually. (You know how men are ;) However, his unborn daughter can get away with stuff that I cannot - so it did illicit a smile from the poor boy who could barely lift his weary head. And then he muttered something about a bad night's sleep. I can honestly say that he snored like a baby between 2 and 4:30 - so when he had a few bad hours is anyone's guess! heh heh heh - I know, I sound so uncaring - but I do love him. Anyhoo, I did send him off to the docs cos he needed something to help him get better. I'm the one who's feeling grim today - ruddy backache and exhaustion! Doesn't go away. I need a weekend!!! heh heh heh. Hope everyone else is doing okay!


Auds - August 29

Hi Ladies, How is everyone doing? I told dh the great news. Heres how i did it. My husband is mad into rugby so I got his lions jersey and bought some of those iron on letters and put on his jersey daddy to be for the 2nd time. I wrapped up his jersey in cute paper and gave it to him. He opened it and was like I already have a lions jersey and i said yeah but it's different at the back, when he turned it around he couldn't believe it he was so shocked. I think he still is. We spent the weekend relaxing and playing with Leia and now we have to move out of our house tommorow and in with th in-laws.But it's not too bad as we have Italy to look forward to in Saturday. How is everyone else doing. Jules great way to wake dh up and he can't even be grumpy at you. Jue hope your enjoying the bak holiday. Keeks how is things with you. Estee and chriss how you guy's keeping. Oh i meant to say my due date is April 24th. Chat later>>>


Court - August 29

Wow! I need a weekend from my weekend. I can't believe how tired I am today. We didn't even do anything to make me so tired...LoL...other than bd! Anyway, let me just tell you about what an emotional bag I was this weekend. I was such a brat that my dh told me that he needed a vacation from me...and then I cried. And then I cried again...and again. What the heck is going on? It's like I don't have control of my temper/emotions and couldn't even begin to tell you why I was upset. Do you think that it was from the big "O"? Then my sister called me yesterday and told me that she had a premonition that I was pg...Oh, I hope so!!! Anyway, enough about me! Auds, I love the way that you told him...that was so creative!! Jules, we also put an offer on a house last week...and we are now under contract. I am so excited!!! I have a good feeling about your endeavor! Jue...I am so jealous...I would love to have the day off. Next weekend is a three day'r for Labor day...I can't wait! Hello as well to all of the other ladies...XXOO!


kEEKEE - August 29

Heya Ladies!!!! Happy monday to ya too. Mondays go to slow for me. I can't wait until the weekend again!!!.......Jordan is now walking more and crawling less. Right now he is trying to steal the computer mouse. We are fighting......Argggggggghhhhhhh!!!.....He's bring out his weapons!!! Teeth......heeehee....He is really trying to get me. Ok, he win. I gave him the mouse. Now he is smiling again. Oh Ooo!!! Sheba is in her sights. Now he is catching Sheba. Speaking of Sheba....She is back to her normal self. Climbing curtains & hit and run on Jordan. Avery is taking a nap. He was up last night with a tummy ache. He didn't cry or really complain. He just didn't eat dinner. Which is unlike Avery. He did eat break-fast. I made his favorite. Bacon and french toast....hmmmmmmmmm.......Jules, the bigger she get. The more you will laugh. Its funny babies seem to press against the most unusual places. Soon you will be feeling her fingers and feet. I just knew Avery was going to be good a kick ball. He was a major kicker. Jordan was the tickler. His kicks and movement always bought tears in my eyes from laughter. I can't believe Cayla is already 20 weeks......Estee, 15 weeks along. Hey, are you feeling the little guy yet. Don't worry if you are not. Some women don't feel movement until 20 weeks or so. Let us know how you are doing sweetie!!!...........Aud, Congrats again!!! The jersey idea was a good way of telling Dh. Have fun with the in laws...heeheee.......Court, don't worry. We all get emotional around O day or AF. It a women's thang. Dh will just have to live with it.....heehee........Jue, I am also getting ready for school. Avery homeschooling is starting back up in full force. Therapists and teachers will be filling our home. Can't wait..........Jules, Do you have a Sears near you? Sears has great baby clothes and nursery items. Happy house hunting Jules and Court. I took us a year to find our home. Estee, how's the new house coming? Mr. Fixit is now working on the garage.(evil smile) While he's working outside. I will sneak and do the kitchen....heehee....Boy, he and I will grow up one day. Its just so much fun messing with each other. Love is great..Chriss, How are ya? I'm thinking about you. Let us know how tomorrow go...............Smooches!!!!!!


Estee P - August 29

Hey ladies. I'm working quite hard at work again - month end time. But I'm not stressed at all, I've got it all under control coz of my down-scaling performance last month - so glad I did that. I'm just real tired now. Auds, I'm so glad you enjoyed telling your dh like that. It sounds like you blew him away! Jue, also envy you your public holiday. But I guess we've had our share already here in SA. Jules, the house sounds like it was waiting there for you! I do hope that your offer is being accepted and that you get the house! We've also got a house with a pool now, and it makes such a difference! I can't stop looking at the pool! I'm not used to a lovely blue pool, I grew up with a typical old slimy farm dam as a pool, so this clean blue one is real luxury! Oh, gotta go, laywyer just arrived. Catch up layder.....


Jules - August 30

Heya Gals - busy here today too cos of month-end and all that. Was good to hear from all of ya! We should hear about the house by Friday. Also, my partners and I are talking about closing down this business and basically the holding company will employ me; they will pay me my maternity leave pay for 4 months and when I come back I'll just come and work for them (but I have insisted that I still work from home). Hopefully this will all work out - many things can change between now and then - but at least this arangement puts my mind at rest - and not having to run this business while I'm on maternity leave will take a load off for me! Anyhoo.....we shall see! Court, I do hope you and Dh get the house. It really is exciting having new beginnings! Estee - Dh and I both grew up on the plaas - in fact, in our whole town there was only one family with a pool! Lucky for us they were my cousins so we could swim there anytime! It will be awesome to have a pool of our own. Keeks - Jordan is walking nicely now! YAY! Be careful, before you know it he and Avery will be coming home with girlfriends to drive you insane!!! Heh heh heh - I can picture you standing there with a shotgun scaring the girls off!!! Auds - what a great way to tell Dh. My Dh is also a rugger nut - in fact, he's seen a tiny size Springbok Jersey and I just know he's angling to get it for his baby girl! heh heh heh. Jue, how was the holiday? I could do with a long weekend myself! Hope all the other ladies are doing okay. Will check back in layder! xxxxx


jue - August 30

hi girls. well it is 7 days till O days so me and hubby got in some practice last night, he wanted an early night and went to bed about 10pm as he is helping out at the paintball site today, fixing and cleaning makers (paintball guns), but he didn't get to sleep until 2 am he he he. I am feeling very old today as my baby sister turned 30 yesterday AAARRRGGGHHH, and poor hubby thought he was too old to be trying for baby #3 at 42 yrs untill he found out that one of his mates at paintball who is 25yr has just had a new baby sister, his mates dad is 52yrs old and his wife is in her 40's so my hubby feels very young he he he. I hope all you girls who live in the US are okay and that you and your families are well away from KATRINA. Keeks wait till one of your boys tells you he is in love and is going to get married he he he, my eldest has already done that to me and he is only 15, he has been going out with his girlfriend for 3yrs and they have even decided where they are going to live :). Jules I am glad work is going the way you want it to, fingers crossed it stays that way. I'm having fun trying to upload some of my stock onto ebay so I can sell it, but I will get there. Estee I envy you a pool, I live in a council house and with the temps going up here at the moment a pool would be very welcome, how is his lordship, have you felt him kick yet? if not don't worry as keeks said some don't feel any kicks untill 20 weeks or more. Auds how are you feeling I hope you don't get morning sickness especially as you are moving into your in-laws and going to italy, when are you going to tell the family? Court I find I get weepy around O time for no reason as well, your dh will have to get used to it as when you are pg you are likely to cry for no reason then as well. It might be an idea to get in a good supply of tissues he he he. Chriss how did your u/s go? hope you and your dh are ok and you get good news. Miss hows the job? send you all huge hugs. well I had better get back to trying to get my stock uploaded to ebay or i won't get any sales. chat later :)


Auds - August 30

Hi Girlies, how is everyone doing? Well I woke up this morning feeling really queesy. I felt so sick that I thought I was going to vomit. I also have a terrible blocked nose but don't have any other symptoms of a head cold. Wonder if it has something to do with my pregnancy> Jue only 7 more day's to the big O. Good to hear your getting some practice in. Dh told Leia about the new baby last night. She wants a girl and she wants to call her Poppy Bella.I said to her what happens if we get a boy and she said bring him back to the shop and change him for a girl. So Cute. She say's the baby can sleep in her room and she will feed it and change it.She say's but I won't change dirty nappies mum you can do that. Too clever she sounds so like dh.So now dh is thinking Poppy Bella not a bad name, but no way I am sticking to Harriet or Baley. I love those names. Keekee how are you. Court I got a bit emotioonal around O time also but then again I get emotional over everything. Heres to hoping this is your month. Estee don't work too hard even if it is the end of the month. Take your time and relax. Jules how are you. Chriss were are you, is everything ok?? Chat layder


kEEKEE - August 30

Morning Ladies!!!! I have so show offs!!! Avery and jordan truly know they are good looking. They have deep dimples and always smiling. Dh and I are still waiting for a real cry from Jordan. He has this fake "I want my way cry". He is something else. He know how to play on people's emotions. MIL think Jordan is shy... Ha!!! Jordan will tear up your house and smack you if you say something with a serious look....heeehee.....I aim to call the people on him. He keep giving me this huge smile. I guess I will be abused mother.......heeheee........Shotgun!!!! I have one ready for those fast a__s girls. Boy, these girls are hot at 15. I am so afraid of Avery or Jordan come home one day saying they are in love with some fast girl. Arggggggghhhhhhh!!!!...I will just scream!!!! I will for sure be a open parent about s_x. I don't want to be a young grandmother. Hell, I am planning to look fierce at 45.....heehee......Speaking of hot. I have a plan!!! I plan to look hot at 30. Hotter I mean......Watch out Haters!!!! I'm coming!!! Damn, I'm going to look good at 30. 2 months to get into my old jeans.Dh will be under my control....heehee.......Now back to y'all. I lost it for a second. Damn shame I love myself so much!!!!....LOL......Jules, I hope you get the house. Pool!!! You are so Rich!!...heeheee...Ok I'm hating. You know I drink that hater aide. Wow, I would love a pool. The bay bay kids in the hood will likely jump in after dark. Oh, I change my mind. No pool for us......heehee.....Cayla Jaimes will love the pool. Just make sure you put a fence around the pool. Babies get into everything. Nursery Idea!!! How about all pink with ballet theme. A round crib in the middle of the room. Just a thought. I am so happy for you. Your job changes are so far going your way. I hope your DH is feeling better.......Estee, Whats up with your job? Did you read the fine print? I hope they are not working you too hard. How is the little guy?............Jue, get tons of bd in!!! I am sending you baby dust and a shotgun. In love!!! You can't be in love at 15. They are in lust. Get him a dog. You see why I need my boys to stay small. I couldn't take it........heehee........Aud, sound like morning sickness reared his ugly head. You see, morning sickness is a guy....heehee.....I had nose bleeds with Jordan. I think with Avery once or twice. Yes, all of what you going through can be from pregnancy. Snack on some crackers and keep hydrated. Morning sickness gets worse when you don't get enough water/juices. I hope this stage pa__s soon. Take care...............Miss Thang!!! We miss ya......Alexis did you have your baby yet? If you are hear let us know how you're doing.....I feel fine. Just waiting to be taken off the meds..............Smooches!!!!!!


Court - August 30

Good Morning/afternoon ladies!! And so the waiting starts...the longest 2 weeks out of every month. Waiting for af, or should I say, hoping for af to stand me up. Ha! Ha! I never thought that I would want to be stood up...;0) Jules...we are doing our inspection on Thursday, and have a ton of paperwork to review and sign for the mortgage...who would have known that buying a home would be so much work. Not me, obviously...he! he! But it will all be SOOOO worth it! Auds, ewww morning sickness...I'm so sorry!I really hope that it is short lived for you. My sister had it so bad...I just can't imagine. I really hope that I am not that unlucky :0) Then my dh will really know what it's like to deal with a "baby!" Ha! Ha! Keeks...I loved the comment about bay bay kids...that cracked me up!!! Much love as well to Estee, Jue and Chrisss, Miss and Mandie...hopefully I didn't forget anyone. XXOO!


jue - August 31

Hi girls, I hope you are all ok. Auds I am so sorry you have morning sickness, I hope it won't last long, my mom had it and used to find drinking ginger beer or ginger ale helped. keeks I thought my house was a mad house but yours is worse than mine he he he. jules your little C-J could end up being an athelete. estee have you found a good support bra yet or do you like the responses from the men with the huge bust you now own he he he, make the most of the bigger bust as when you finish b___st feeding ( if you b___st feed that is) you might find your bust shrinks. chriss how you doing girl I'm worried about you, are you okay? court I hated the 2ww but as long as you keep busy and jump your dh when you can it will soon pa__s he he. mandie what are you up to? any new to report? well I finally got some of my stock onto ebay after 3 hours of trying and within 5 mins of it up loading I had 2 items sold out of 30 items, now that can't be bad timing. 2 sales from 3 hours work. I have had some fun today with an advertizing company, they contacted me about me placeing an ad and when they sent the paper work through for me to confirm the art work I find they had my name wrong, my address wrong and my company name wrong as well so I called them up and told them that 1 mistake was acceptable, but 3, I told them that they should go back to advertizing school and learn the basics before contacting me again. as you girls can see I am having pms because of "O", my poor hubby has taken my youngest out so they both don't get on the pointy end of my tongue. I hate being like this, I don't realize I am doing it untill I have already opened my mouth and ripped someone a second backside. well i better get back to work. chat later :)


kEEKEE - August 31

Whats up!!! Yes I live near bay bay kids!!! I must confess.... Seriously, they don't live on my block. Our whole block is mostly older couples who kids are adults and gone. But directly behind us is a townhouse complex. There is a alley(dead end btw) and huge fences that divide us from the complex. You would think the fence and dead end would be enough but its not. We have caught teens climbing over the fence trying to get into our yard & neighbors. The neighbor's yard is twice the size of our yard. Its like the dream of any kid. Even with 4 dogs they still have a problem with the complex. Sad but true. Dh and I didn't think much of it until his company's van got broken into. Now we noticed how much of a problem we have. So now we are planning to get a huge fence (can't see into the yard) and a Great Dane(huge dog!!!) Plants trees to block the view. I am hoping one day to walk up and have the complex done ...heehee.....I know that won't happen. Boy, I love our home but hate the ghetto complex a couple blocks away!!!........Jue, I hate PMS. I'm beyond moody around that time. My sweet pea Avery always come and give me a hug when I need one. He helps cheer me up. Now Jordan will start a fight. he wakes up swinging. Then I question who actually have PMS. Dh has his days too. Me and Avery stay clear of the PMS father and son team....heehee.....Oh, but Avery will turn on you for an apple.........heehee......Chriss, honey I hope you are feeling ok. You are in my thoughts. Post when you feel up to it........Jules, did you get an answer about the house? I hope you got your dream home.......Estee, what are you doing? Decorating and swimming......Arghhhhhhh!!!...People with poools.....boooooo!!!....Oh, Miss Italy I haven't forgot about you. Have fun and don't eat too much italian food....heeheee....I hope you feel better soon...Court,the wait game can kill you. Well, put you in the nut home. You could always join jue in the rubber room. I have checked out to hara__s the sane people....lol..........I have to call around about Piano lessons for Avery. I have a good feeling about this. he love music. I am getting jordan more drums (now he use Pots and Pan) He like to bang and hit. I am going to start a band. Damn, i should've tried harder in band. We could be mother and Son band. Dh can use his water gun to force us to practice....get it??? Jackson family!!! .....Ha ha!!!!......Just kidding......Smooches!!!!!!


Court - August 31

Hello all...Auds, I saw that "Grandpa Viv" message yesterday and clicked "poor taste" and zapped it into oblivion! I couldn't believe it...I really hope that Grandpa Viv didn't see it. Oh well...As for the morning sickness, my sister ate ginger snaps and they seems to help a little bit as the ginger is supposed to help with the upset belly. Have to do some work and I will check in later...XXOO ladies!


kEEKEE - August 31

Jue, thanks about the comment about Hurricane Katrina. I am praying for the people down south. The hurricane hit down south very hard. Most of New Orleans is under water. Mississippi was also hit very hard. It is terrible. So far there has been over 100 deaths and the numbers may go up. The national guard is on a rescue mission. Its all over the news. The news reports are talking to the victims of the hurricane. It is so sad how these people has lost their homes. It bought me to tears...........Snack time!!!!..........Hugs!!!!!


kEEKEE - September 1

Hi ladies!!! I see everyone is busy today. Don't work too hard mommies and mommies to be. Enjoy your weekend!!! Aud, have a great vacation!!!......Chriss, tons of hugs and kisses......I have bad Pms!!! I hate this. I'm moody and emotional. Kids won't let you be too moody. Jordan will slap me out of it...heeeheee.......Smooches!!!!!



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