Holy Cramps

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Tina - September 9

Are cramps a sign of early pregnancy? I'm only about 6 dpo but have had cramps for about 4 days now.


Jaimie - September 9

I had cramps from ovulation until now. I am 11 dpo with three faint positive lines on hpt. So I would say that it could be a sign. It actually was my first indication.


Jen - September 9

I've had cramps since ovulation not bad ones, more like twinges and pinches. yesterday i had mild period like cramps but didnt start my period today like i should have. im going to test in the morning. Hoping for BFP. I'LL let you know what i find out.


Alycia - September 9

Cramps were my first sign, but they didn't really start until 6dpo for me. I got a BFP 5 days later.


Jen - September 9

Definetly! That was my first clue! I got my BFP 10dpo. Good luck


Rachel - September 9

Glad I fount this thread. I have been having the exact same for about 3 or 4 days now. I am same as you Tina, 5 or 6 dpo. Cannot confirm without temping. They seem to be getting more noticeable day by day. I just never thought you would notice it this early. I always thought it would only start after implantation... Jen, let me know how you make out. Good luck!! Alycia, is this you? Hi!


Tina - September 10

Thank you all for your comments. Jen - Let us know what happens with your test. Rachel - let me know when you test and I will do same.


Justine - September 10

Hi, can I jump in and join your thread? I've also started having cramps today although I'm only 4dpo. Does anyone know why this might happen when implantation hasn't taken place yet. Congratulations to those with BFPs and good luck to the rest of us.


krista - September 10

hi all, i've been having cramping going on for about a week and a half now. i was due for af 4 days ago. i tested yesterday and bfn so i will test again tomorrow morning. i hope i'm not just late. these cramps are so strange though. i normally always have cramps an hour before af shows. its that accurate but not this time. i sure hope we all get bfp's!!!!


Jeana - September 10

Cramps were my dead giveaway that I was pregnant! I never have cramps, but started them the day after ovulation, and got my bfp this morning. My period was due the 7th, but got a positive instead...Goog Luck to all.


Annabell - September 10

hey can I join. Im 6 dpo and ive been a little crampy today... im tired and my temps still up. i hope this is the month. good luck to you all and congrats to all who got a bfp. wish me luck ill let u kno wat happens ~*~*~baby dust~*~*~


Rachel - September 11

Jeana - can you decribe the cramps you had? Were they painful or just there enough to notice them. Mine are most obvious in the evening or when I'm sitting down/lying down. I was in a plane for a little over 4 hours yesterday, about 6 or 7dpo, and had come painful ones on the left side a couple times. Although I don't like to fly and we were going to land in an hour so I was starting to get a bit nervous.


Justine - September 11

Good morning ladies. Krista - did you test again today - I really hope you got that BFP - good luck to you. How's everyone else feeling? I'm still cramping a little but nothing like yesterday so I'm thinking it must've just been something else and not a PG symptom - very frustrating!


krista - September 11

hi justine, yes i tested this morning but bfn. if fertility friend is right i o'ed this last weekend so i wouldnt be able to get a bfp till sometime next week. this is taking forever. i'm now 5 days late and on cd 47. i had cramps yesterday like af was for sure here and then they went away. today i have nothing. how is everyone else doing?


Jeana - September 11

It started out at little uncomfortable twitches in the left wall of my v____a, then moved upward. Both sides of my lower back feel as if they were tenderized with a meat mallet and the scar from my other two children (c-section) hurts to touch. I feel as if I've been doing sit ups all day long. It's worse at night because I've been running around and working all day, lifting kids, and doing dishes. I have a lot of pressure at the top of my v____a/base of my uterus...Hope this helps you guys figure things out. I am going on my 5th week, and I have strated showing...AHH! Maternity shirts, here I come.


Stacie - September 11

Ladies - can I join???I had a b___terflies around the day that I think I conceived. I also had cramps on the lower left side of my adomen - I steady feel these cramps. I am 5 days late - all my test have been negative. I even went and had a blood test done the day after I missed my period and that came back negative. I have been off the pill for 4 months and never been late - alway 28 days - my b___st aren't really sore - just the nipples have a tingly sensation. I have the blue veins on the b___st and the nasty looking bumps on the areola. What do you guys think???


Rachel - September 11

Hi Jeana, Congrats to you!! I forgot to say that last time, still struggling with the 3 hour time difference. I have been having just a constant type cramp as well and yes through the "birth ca___l" as well. I just went to the washroom and when I wiped there were four little pink smear lines. Could this relaly be implantation? Wow, that would be nice. Not getting hope up yet, just about 8 dpo now. Won't be testing till the 15th. No other obvious signs either. Boobs feel full and heavy but that's normal, I have big b___bs and could lose about 15 lbs anyway. Everybody have a great day! Only a few days left to test so I wish all baby dust +++++



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