Holy Crap BFP

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vanessa - April 28

A quick synopsys.... I am 4 days late today and tested first thing this morning with a First Response test. TWO LINES!!! I had NO symptoms until I missed AF on Sunday.... after that I've had very sore br___ts (like I want to cut them off!!) and I've been crampy on and off. Thank you to all the ladies I've been chatting with these past months... feel free to ask me questions and I'll be happy to answer!!


Chriss - April 28

Vanessa, congratulations on your BFP, so happy for you. It's also nice to know that you can get a BFP without having any symptoms, means there is hope for those of us trying who don't really see any changes. Cheers and enjoy your pregnancy. Good luck!!!


Meghan - April 28

CONGRATS! I had the same thing happen yesterday! I was 4 days late and a BFP! Isn't it wonderful? I didn't have any symptoms either, just slightly sore b___sts and some cramping on and off since Friday. YIPPEE!


vanessa - April 28

Thanks Chriss and Meghan. I just got back from my doctor's office and they did a blood test... I'll get the results tomorrow. On the way back to work DH and I stopped to pick up a couple of tests to re-check ourselves. It's BFP again. I guess it's true... but it doesn't really feel real to me. Thanks for all of the well wishing!


Smiley - April 28

Vannesa I have a question... I was due for AF on the 24th, but have NO sore breats, just occasionally period like cramps here and there. Sometimes I think it is going to come, and it doesnt. I took a HPT on the 25th, but it quickly came back negative. Any suggestions? I put a call in to my dr. but havent heard back yet. Im concerned of a cyst.


~maddie~ - April 28

congratulations vanessa,well i spoke to you a couple of days ago,and since then ive got af,maybe next month for me! how long have you been ttc?


vanessa - April 28

Hi Smiley. I waited until today to test, which is now four days late and my line showed up pretty quickly. I would test again with a high sensitivity test. My b___sts did not start to hurt badly until around Tuesday, which was two days late. I started feeling crampy on Sunday and noticed some wettness when I wiped. That's been consistant and is still going on today. Take a test!!! You might see "the line" today! ***Dust and good luck going to you!!***


vanessa - April 28

Hi ~maddie~. I do remember talking with you on another post. I'm sorry to hear the "wicked witch" has found you. I can't tell you how true it is that the month you LEAST expect will be THE month she won't find you. I was so sure she was playing tricks with me again! As for ttc... I've been off bc since June of 2004 so it took us almost a full year... although I wasn't really serious about it until after Christmas last year. How long have you been trying?


kw - April 28

vanessa- this may sound gross but alot of women say they stay "wet" after ovulating, was that your case? I haven't dried up yet so I'm not sure if this could possible be a sign.


vanessa - April 28

It's funny you ask me this kw... I was telling my gilrfriend today that I was DRY as a bone after ovulation this month. I didn't start seeing cm unitl the day my period was due (Sunday). From then on, I've been a bit wet but not outrageous. I have heard a lot of women on this sight say they were extra wet and got a BFP. I guess it shows how different every women's body will react to pregnancy. I would wait until you are a day late and use a sensitive test. Good luck!


kw - April 28

vanessa- you are so right, its crazy how different everybody is, and by the way CONGRATS!! That is so exciting, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't jealous!! But in a good way :)!!


vanessa - April 28

I do feel kinda weird talking about it so much. I know this is a forum but I don't want to be all blah blah blah me me me and have everyone hate me. I can't tell you how unexpected this was today and I guess I'm just happy to share my symptoms with anyone who wants to ask. I know that I came here a MILLION times in the past months and asked and searched for something that I could relate to. I want to spread as much baby dust as I can to everyone.... thanks ladies for listening and being so supportive. :)


Amanda - April 28

Congratulations Vanessa! Don't feel bad about talking about it here! You've done your duty waiting a year for this! This is only my second month trying and I couldn't imagine trying for a year right now! Send me some dust! :)


Ashley - April 28

Congrats Vanessa!!! Enjoy being pregnant and send some Baby dust my way!!! Congrats!!!


natasha - April 28

hey vanessa, congrats to u. my af due is on 28 but still no sign for af. i think i want to wait till i sure that i am pregnant. moreover i dont have cm


****dust**** - April 28

LOTS of it going out to Amanda*********


*****More dust***** - April 28

LOADS of it going out to Ashley********



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