Hook Effect Maybe

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princesa08 - July 29

Its me again :) still searching for answers..around a month and a half ago i posted something saying that i thought i was pregnant but i got my period. So if im pregnant im just over 2 months. at first i was getting really faint positives and then it turned to absolute negatives buuuut i feel this twitching going on in my stomach. it just feels like somethings inside me but im not sure. im only 17 and ive never been pregnant before so idk how it feels but i really feel like theres a possibility that i am. i havent missed a period of had any kind of morning sickness. my stomach and br___ts itch from time to time, my back hurts a little, i had heartburn when i first thought i was, i pee kind of often, ive always had migranes but they're stronger. idk what to do. if im not pregnant what else could be wrong. i feel like somethings making my stomach feel heavy. its hard to explain. i just need help. im tired of hpts and i dont want to tell my mom until im sure so i guess that cancels out blood tests. its so frustrating. I keep hearing this thing about a hook effect where people can go months without knowing or showing a positive hpt or blood test. i dont want to assume thats what im going through then get myself excited just to be let down in the end. although i am young and shouldnt even want a child if i am pregnant i wouldnt look at it as a bad thing. just need some help :(


Naomi98 - July 30

If you got your period and are getting negative hpt's, you're HIGHLY unlikely to be pregnant. The peeing, heartburn, migraine, etc could be linked to a hundred different conditions. You need to go and see your doctor if you feel these symptoms are getting worse or not clearing up. And while you're there, you might want to consider asking for some advice on contraception.


kimberly - July 31

I agree with Naomi, if you had a normal period since the mishap and now have negative test, I would say pregnancy is not very probable. Very rarely a women will test negative and in fact be pregnant, most likely cause of a false negative is testing too early, and you would be 2 months, definately not too early to test. Women don't feel fetal movement until about 16 weeks or so, and much later sometimes in first pregnancies. (I felt my first at 23 weeks)The twitch is probably bowel contractions(gas). Try planned parenthood or your local health office, they will test you without your moms request and can supply you with birthcontrol.



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