Hopeful Dad Please Help Ladies

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Joey - February 22

Hi there My wife and I have just started to try for our first child recently. I have a question that perhaps you guys could help with. From the time of conception up the time when your expected period is (2 weeks ish) is there any physical or mental signs the woman experiances before she notices that she has missed her period/Discovers for fact she is pregnant?


Emy - February 22

If you read a lot of the posts on this board a lot of people get cramping, headaches and lots of other symptoms or nothing at all. Basically because the implantation doesn't occur until 10-12 days after conception you really only start getting symptoms around the time your period is due. (But the mind can play games) The only thing to do to be sure is to take a test. Personally with my two children I had no symptoms for the first few months but felt an overall feeling off calm. Maybe I was one of the lucky ones.


For Joey - February 22

I noticed I was sleeping reaallly well and had some great hair days. I noticed a slight pressure below my belly b___ton. Sort of like when you have someone gently pushing on your belly.


For Joey - February 22

One more thing- I was having some really vivid dreams.


chriss - February 22

Joey, there could be many signs both physical and mental, but remember that some women have no symptoms at all. Some women just KNOW that they are pregnant from the moment of conception and others are oblivious and don't even believe the 5th positive pregnancy test. If she is experiencing symptoms this early on, it could be anything from being moody, bloated, headaches, cramps, sore or tender b___sts etc. The signs will become more obvious (if she has any) once the levels of hCG (the hormone that is used to sustain the fetus) increases. She may actually start experiencing symptoms after her period is past due. Hope this info helps! good luck!


mulgajill - February 22

Joey... you are a rare gem... a man that spends valuable internet time looking up things about pregnancy... moodiness is one early sign, easily upset etc...


~m~ - February 22

I just found out for sure that I'm pregnant (a couple days past missed period)......I am bloated, my b___sts are starting to get tender, I have pulling crampy tugs in my lower abdomen. They are starting to affect my sides also. But even before I found out for sure, I was feeling those little tell-tale cramps! Even though 10-12 days may be the "norm" for implantation, I believe mine was about 4-5 days after ovulation. I say that because I was charting my BBT and got a triphasic curve (3rd temp spike) just a few days after ovulation. Perhaps, that's why my signs were already happening. Good luck to you and your wife! :o)



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