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JRT - March 31

Ok, I know a lot of women post their symptoms on here, but I just wanted some opinions on my situation. I stopped taking birth control pills in January and have not had a period since (I started taking bc pills about 7 yrs ago, to start/regualte my periods). I have an appt with doc tomorrow, but in the last week or so I have been experiencing the following: heartburn (can never remember getting this beofre), stomach cramps and a sharp pain in my right side from time to time, I seem to be more tired than normal, i'm VERY bloated, get dizzy spells, am gassy, seem to have constant cm (always feel wet down there), and in the last few days my nipples (not br___ts) have become sore/sensitive/painful. What do you think - is it too early to be getting my hopes up (if I was preg. I would have no idea when I ovulated, so I'm not sure). Sorry it's such a long post but any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.


sandsage - March 31

i can't really diagnose your symptoms, but i can say that when i went off the pill in january myself, for the first time in 6 years, i felt like everything my body did was new and interesting, because it was the first time my body was having a menstrual cycle in ages. i got really lucky and started cycling right away - i had expected it to take 3 mos to a year for normal cycles to return. when i went for a preconception appt, my doctor did suggest taking pregnancy tests every 6 weeks or so, since i expected my periods to be very irregular based on how they were before the pill, and i would otherwise not know if i was pg. you can always take a one - worst case scenario is you get a false neg b/c it was too early to test. good luck


bump - April 1

bump - does anyone have any thought on my situation?


JRT - April 1

sorry - any thoughts apart from sandsage of course - thank you for your reply!


jena - April 2

what did your doctor say at your appointment?? keep us updated!


Grandpa Viv - April 3

I'll bet the doctor did a blood test and you are going to tell us the result on Monday. It's possible you might have to test again a week later. You have a good enough set of early signs to pray over, and enough of a gap from the end of bc to hope that these are not withdrawal signs. If you are pg., the due date might be around Dec 10th, but preg you are not until you get the positive test. Good luck!



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