Hoping For BFP S At End Of Nov Beginning Of Dec

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Angela W. - November 4

Hi ladies from the Halloween thread, Deb, Pattie, Trisha, krob and anybody else that I forgot or who wants to join our group! This is a great group of some really supportive ladies and I know we are going to have something to be really happy about this holiday season! Baby Dust and Good Luck to all!


Krob - November 4

Hi here we go again This time I going to be less worried and just go for it this month. In Dec/Jan I will go and get more a___l with temperatures,CM,OPK and everything else Anyhow going to the docs on Monday and maybe we can find out if there is sometehing wrong this is month #5 of TTC and I am just curious


Trish - November 4

Hi guys..AF (I think it is) came this morning....all day, just spotting, not like a regular AF and not there all the time......I really don't know if this is AF or what it is


Deb - November 4

I'm with ya!


Mickey - November 4

my lunar days are 10/03, 11/02, 12/01, 12/31, 1/29, 2/28, 3/29, 4/27, 5/27, 6/25, 7/25, 8/23, 9/22. My cycle is also 35 days long still have not got a period. Had ewcm on 10/9 also noticed some on 10/15 with pink tint after bding. Took test on 10/27 BFN, but still have not got AF. Was suppose to ovulate on 10/18.


Angela W. - November 5

I don't know if everyone saw Eva's post on the old thread, but we got another BFP!!! Yay! BTW, has anyone heard from Pattie? I hope everything is okay. Mickey, welcome to the group, I'm not very good at predicting my own o & af times, when were you supposed to start? I would think that with a 35 day cycle, you should be (hopefully not) seeing AF anyday now, that's just based on an a__sumption from your suspected "o" date. Keep us posted and good luck! Krob, I agree with you, I think I am going to temp again this month, just so that I can see if there is a normal pattern in my temps, if they are going to stay up like that every month only to have af show up, I'm not putting myself through that rollercoaster! I'm not going to bother with the rest of it b/c it makes me feel like my life revolves around my "hoo-ha" and I don't need that ;)! Deb, I hope you are feeling great and Trish, I hope all is well with you, and you are just experiencing some IB, let us know! Baby Dust********


Diane - November 5

How many days late were you when you got a BFN? I have now almost two days late and NO signs of AF. I keep thinking that I feel little cramps, which usually happens the morning off, but when I go to check nothing. This morning I got a BFN. I'm so tired all the time and that's really all I'm feeling right now. I just wish I would either get a BFP or start AF so I can start counting for this month. Anyone else have this?


Trish - November 5

To Eva...Hi, when did your spotting start?? When your period was due, earlier or later???


Mickey - November 5

My last period was 9/27. By the computer calculation AF was suppose to come on 11/2 but nothing.


Liz - November 6

Hi ladies, I'm new here, hope you don't mind me joining your thread. My last af was 10/21 and I think I o'd 11/3. Which is unusual for me because my cylcles are normally 36 days. Either way af is due around thanksgiving or the week after. We have been pretty "active" so I guess we will see in a few weeks. Baby dust to all.


Patti - November 6

Hi everyone! I'm still here. As you know I was bleeding like AF. Well they ran my beta 11/2 and it was 17. Pretty low. They said I did m/c, but did another beta 11/4 and I'll know the results Monday. I'm probably crazy, but I'm holding on to a shred of hope that it's not over yet. Anyway, best of luck and baby dust*~*~*~*~*~ to those still holding out and keeping af away. Also, here's to lots of BFPs for November!!


Patti - November 6

Krob, I wanted to let you know that it took 9 cycles to get pg w/ DD#1, but only 1 for DD#2. Who knows why it works like that. Good luck at your appt!!


Diane - November 6

Still no signs of AF for me. If it doesn't show up in a few days I might take another HPT. I'm sure it's just that my cycle is messed up this month, but I'm hoping that the tireness and higher temps mean something. I have thyroid disease and my levels with that are really good now, in fact my doctor told me last month that this would be the perfect time to ttc. I don't know if having thryoid issues would effect the pregnancy test or not. I might call her tomorrow and ask.


Angela W. - November 6

Hi! Welcome Liz! I'm so glad to hear from you Patti, but sorry about your news- I know what you mean though about holding onto a shred of hope! My BT was neg, and I started AF on the 4, and it was AWFULL!!!, but now it has already stopped, for a moment, I thought maybe it could be, but I know it is just a side effect from the Clomid. Sill I hope your test comes back with better news! Diane, I think you should call your Dr. tommorow, and I hope you get good news! See you later guys!


Kim - November 7

Hi ladies. I would like to follow along on this thread. This is our last month ttc before an appt. w/ Infertility Specialist on Nov. 28. I'm hoping for a BFP 11/27.


Deb - November 7

Patti - again I am really sorry about your news. There is a girl on another group that I belong to that just had a m/c as well. It makes me very nervous because I know how common it is and I am hoping I won't have to go through it too. My thoughts are with you. I still don't really have any symptoms, except for maybe my b___bs. Yesterday I noticed the nipples got larger and kind of "poofy". LOL they look ridiculous! My DH always wants to play with my "funbags" because they are bigger. Had a smear of brownish discharge last night and totally panicked because I thought I was starting to bleed, but it went away this morning, so I am guessing that it may have been implantation bleeding (at 16dpo)? It is totally gone now and I didn't have cramping or anything. Diana - I'm sending you lots of babydust for you to get a BFP. Take another test!!! Kim, Mickey, and Liz, welcome to the group! I was from the thread before this one and got a BFP so I am continuing along for support. Good luck to everyone!


Diane - November 7

Well I called my doctor today and she wanted me to do a blood test. She said my symptons could be because my thyroid is off again. I'm 4 days late today. I did the blood work this afternoon and should know something by Wednesday. I got nauches this afternoon, but I really think it might because of the nerves and everything. I'm trying not to get my hopes up. I'm still having some AF type cramping. Deb, do you still having cramping? If you do, are they like AF cramps?



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