Hoping For NO Af On 10 26

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J. - October 24

Anyone else??


kandi - October 25

hi j. have you had any signs your af is coming, or any other signs?? my af was due 22nd 23rd and still hasnt showed yet


J. - October 25

Hi Kandi...no I haven't really had any signs/symptoms. Last week my b___bs were a tad bit sore, but it could just be in my head. I did wake up this morning having slight cramps, but no af. It isn't due til tomorrow so we'll see. Have you tested yet? And have you had any signs/symptoms that you may be pregnant?


gwen - October 25

Hey J., I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Any symptoms, how do you feel? Good - luck! Take care!


J. - October 25

Thanks Gwen. I feel okey. No symptoms really. You know how our mind plays tricks on us?? My bbs were more sore last week than they have been the last couple of days. So, no symptoms really....thanks!


B - October 25

I am due tomorrow as well. Only symptoms are cramps. I have been having cramps for the last 2 weeks. Boobs a little sore. I hope she doesn't show. I have been ttc for 4 months. I am hoping this is my month. Baby dust to everyone.


kandi - October 25

hey again j. how are you going today? Has af showed her ugly face yet? i really hope not. yes im having symptoms they are: had pretty bad af type cramping for past 4-5 days (not including today or yesterday. havent been nautious i just get a feeling the same as when you get worried or nervous and cant eat lol. i cant stand the smell of lettuce on salad sandwiches and rolls. ive had a few headaches. my nips are slightly tender (only when i touch them) been a bit emotional, yesterday morning was going to the toilet every half an hour but that seems to have stopped. The day before my af was due i was painfully bloated and ga__sy. i know these are all pretty good symptoms but thats just not enough to convince me. i took a preg test yesterday and the day before and they both showed a faint positive but it was after the time you are supposed to check them in so it just could be an evaporation line. only when ive tested myself and havent been pregnant, the test always stays negative, so who knows. i will test again in a couple of days, hopefully then i might get a straight answer. But then again last time i was preggo i didnt test up positive until almost 2 weeks after af was due. if you know your body and think you are then you probably are. i have only been late 2 times:now and last time i was pregnant. So good luck to you j and everyone else.....my baby dust goes out to everyone......... ;o) xx


J. - October 26

Hi Kandi. Sorry for the late response. But today is supposed to be theee day and so far, no AF. Last night I felt a little bloated and I didn't even have a big dinner. I have had to use the bathroom(#2) 4 times in the last 24 hours, which is not normal for me. I don't know what to think because so far, no symptoms of being preggers. I just have to wait and see. When should be a good time to test?


kandi - October 26

hey j. if you are on day 3 of your missed af a test may be able to show now. when i was preggers, it didtn show this early for me. you can always try now and if it comes up positive CONGRATS and at least you know, but if it come up negative, try testing in a couple of days. Well i dont know what is happening to me, either af came 5 days late (which has never EVER happened to me before in my life) or i may be having an early miscarriage. im not sure what to think. because when i had a miscarriage last time i was further than 4 weeks or so, so it was easy to tell what was going on. ive got the cramps and my lower back is sore and am bleeding heavily. it may just be a late period, but i know my body and the past week or so everything has been so different, so im reallly not sure what to think. i hope you are pg J. best of luck ok, let me know what happens xx ;o)


J. - October 27

Ladies....still no AF. I went to bed with some pain in the center of my lower stomach area. Could this be a sign or was it just gas??? Please help!!


Allie - October 27

J: Curios? Did AF show? I hope not. Good luck to you.


J. - October 27

Hi Allie. No, still no AF. Sometimes it feels like it's coming, but I check and still nothing. Thanks.


Melissa - October 27

When r u going to test J? I am dying to know if you get your positive. I am praying for you!. Baby Dust~*~*~*~*~*~


J. - October 27

I'm not sure when. I'll probably give it another couple of days. By that time, I'm sure whatever the answer is, it'd be pretty accurate. Thanks you guys!


Allie - October 28

J, anything today?? sorry to be pushy....just really praying for your BFP!! Good Luck. Keep us posted!!


J. - October 29

Hey Allie...thanks for keeping up....it's Sunday morning, so far 3 days late and still nothing. I noticed a little bit of brown spots on my panty yesterday(sorry TMI), but that's it....and when I say a little bit, really little like a dab. I still haven't tested yet. Does anyone know what the brown dab could be??


gwen - October 29

Hey J!! Well, still hoping for you, technically I'm not due until 11-1 - 11-2 ... And this morning, I had cm wth brown in it. Sorry, tmi! So, I'm wondering the same thing. Specially cause af is NEVER EARLY. Keep me posted and tons of baby dust!!! BTW When are you testing???



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