Hoping For No AF On Halloween Wanna Wait With Me

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Deb - October 6

I am in my 6th month of ttc and I am hoping the witch doesn't show up on Halloween. I'm looking for some buddies, so please join me in the wait!


me too - October 6

hello i am waiting for Halloween also..do you have any other children?


Deb - October 7

No, this will be my first. I never knew it would be this hard. I've been using opk's and have had great timing each month, but it just hasn't been happening. What about you, any children already?


Angie/Angela - October 7

Good Morning Deb, How r u? This is my 4 month ttc and I would love to wait. I should be Oing by the end of this week or the begining of next week.


me too - October 7

yes i have 2 and i have been ttc for 3 months:)


Deb - October 8

Welcome, Angie. I'm glad to have some waiting buddies to keep me sane!


bump - October 10



Jenny - October 10

I am hoping not to get my AF on the 29th. So that is close to Halloween. This is our 2nd month ttc #3. I think I will be ovulating tom. I feel kind of crampy.


Deb - October 10

Welcome Jenny. How long did it take you to get pregnant with your other children? I have had very irregular cycles since I went of the BCP last January. My average cycle is 26 days and I have a short luteal phase so I won't be "o"ing until around the 18th or 19th. Hopefully we will catch the egg this time!


Jenny - October 11

Deb- Before we were successfully able to conceive our 1st, we had 3 mc's and dr figured out to put me on prog. and baby aspirin. After that it took me 2 months ttc#1 and 7 months with #2. I have been charting my temps and I am just about to ovulate and my temp is rising and I am amazed at how horrible I feel. Crampy, headache and just yucky. I am sure that is why it took us so long ttc#2 because I just feel horrible when I am most fertile and probably missed the window. This month we are having relations every other day no matter what. We really would love to tell the family on Thanksgiving. We will trust in the Lord even if we don't get pregnant this month, but we want to give it our most disciplined effort. My sweet hubby is stoked.


Jenny - October 11

Deb- I forgot to add, my cycles used to be every 30 days, now they are every 31-34 days. I am on cd15 and it seems too early for my temps to be rising but they are. How does a short luteal phase affect things and how did you find out?


Deb - October 11

I've just been using opk's to find out when I am ovulating. Then from ovulation to AF is only about 10 - 11 days. It is still in the normal window but on the short side of normal. Less than 10 days can make it really tough to conceive because your body will shed the lining before the egg has a chance to implant fully. We're doing the every other day thing too. For the last few months we were going every day around "o" time and it hasn't worked so we are going to cut it down to every other day. Hopefully we will both get our BFP this month! ~Baby dust~


bump - October 12



krob - October 12

Hi I will be wating to for AF on the 31st my hubsnad birthday coincentally I have been ttc #2 for almost 4 months after being on the bcp for 2 years. I have had 24 days cycles and I bought ovulation predictor strips so good luck all


Deb - October 12

Welcome Krob. Good luck this month!


krob - October 13

hi again thank you for welcoming into the thread. I forgot to mention that I am taking vitex (chasteberry) this month to help with my cycles. Thye say this herb helps regulate you from going off the pill. My cycles have been regular but they are also suppose to help lengthen the luteal phase I have only on them for 5 days but I noticing a difference my CM and it better catch this time. Getting pregnant was easy the first time this time it is taking longer I using Ovulation test strips and got a faint line but I think the line has to be equal to or darker than the control line to be positive plus I am only day 6 so way to early for oing time but I love to test


Deb - October 13

I'm on cd9 today. I will start using the opk's tomorrow. I have heard about vitex but I haven't talked to anyone that has actually used it. Maybe if you get lucky with it this month I will try it next month. How long have you been ttc this time?



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