Hoping For No AF On Nov 10 Anyone Wanna Keep Me Company

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Nissa - October 25

Hello!! This is my 2nd month ttc and my husband and I are hoping we have been doing everything right! I'm suppose to ovulate tomorrow and my husband and I have been bding every single day for the last 5 days! We're taking today off for a break! So, hopefully by bding tomorrow and the other days before, we'll be good to go! AF is due November 10th and I'm very nervous!! My husband and I are so excited and anxious!!! After trying to do everything right I will be devistated if AF comes. Anyone on the same schedule as me?


Allie - October 28

Hi Nissa! I am hoping for no AF November 12th. Let's keep eachother posted. This will be our 10mos. We've bd every night for the past 5 days too!! I think I am Oing on the 30th. I bought the CBE monitor....so far just high peak, should be Oing any day now. Good luck to you.


Jennifer - October 28

I am due for "NO" AF on the 10th also. but here is a strange thing..I have had + OPK test all week...any idea what that is?


Anna - October 28

Hi everyone! I am hoping for no AF November 12th too. This is our second month ttc and I'm not sure when I ovulate but I think it is any day now. I'd love to have company to wait with. Unfortunately I have been unable to post from my computer at home - so I guess I'll just be reading the responses this weekend and then give an update on Monday! Good luck to everyone this weekend. :-)


Steph - October 28

Hey! I'm new to the whole pregnancy thing and was wondering what AF & TTC means? I see it everywhere but I dont understand what it is. By the way I'm only in my first couple of weeks.


Diane - October 28

Steph, AF means "aunt flow" and TTC means "trying to conceive"


steph - October 28

ahhh....makes alot more sense now..thank you


Diane - October 28

Sure! I was confused at first too! :) Did you mean you were in the first few weeks of being pregnant or TTC ?



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