Horrible Af Due Nov 1st Or 2nd

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gwen - October 25

Is anyone due around around this time? Come wait with me, I'm 7dpo. Have a few symptoms.


RMT - October 25

What symptoms are you having? Because I am thristy a lot and going to the bathroom. I am very sleepy and I have a hard time sleeping and when I do I am knocked out for hours; even at times when I wake up. And I am always warm to the touch even if I am cold?


gwen - October 25

Hey RMT, thanks for the reply, well, here I go again. It sucks cause I'm thinking it's probably just pms, real early though. My nips are sore, but not my bbs, and they're always hard. A lot of bloating, frequent urination, and a headache that wont go away. Along with I can smell anything a mile away, and I'm literally stinking my self out, I know sorry tmi, but I do have an increase in gas, and am currenrtly constipated. So sleepy, I cant sleep enough, so I know how you feel, oh and the funny part, everyone around is wearing sweaters, thick sweaters and jackets, Im walking around with short sleeve shirts cause it's too friking hot. Now that I have jinxed my self, by pointing out everything that I have been trying to ignore, how are you? lol


gwen - October 25

oh and i forgot to mention, I'm a pepsi addict, can't live without it, except, yesterday, it gave me indegestion or heartburn, not sure which one, but it started after a few minutes of taking a drink. If I'm not pg, then it's defenetly time to stop drinking pepsi or any cola, as I have been saying for a few months now.


Diane - October 25

AF is due for me on Nov 4. Last cycle was exactly 27 days and that was my first full cycle off the pill. I think I'm about 4 dpo. I have some test that you can use 8 days before AF is due and I'm thinking about using one this weekend. I want to take one now, but I know that won't do any good. I don't really feel any different. I had cramping for two days last week, but I think that was during O. I'm not 100% sure though because I know got the dark line on the OPK. I was a little upset about that. This is really our first real month of TTC, so I feel silly thinking that he could happen on the first go around, but I really wish it would. I swear that my lower stomach, down around where the overies would be, is harder than normal. But that could just be my imagination. Does anyone else notice that?


Diane - October 25

Correction above, I meant to sat that I NEVER got the dark line on the OPK


gwen - October 25

pepsi with rum is great also! yummy!


RMT - October 26

Well.... I am always warm as I had said before. This time my symptoms have increased to craving foods that I do not like; dark chocolate, but all in the while craving it? I am frequently going to the bathroom, eatting more. I am bloated and my stomach seems to be a bit bigger. I have lower abdomen cramps, but a tad bit different than AF cramps? I feel like a pulling of my lower abdomen to like I pulled a muscle over my inside leg. Heartburn and white sticky cm?


RMT - October 26

I would also add that I have been having constant tingles in my nipples; and of course my b___st are sore. They feel heavy to? My AF is due on the 30th of October, so I'll see if it comes? To Diane, I have not noticed an harden areas towards my ovary area. It could possibly happen that you did ovulate and you could possibly be preg. Good luck to you.:-)


gwen - October 26

I would like to say that the gwen with the rum, aint me! ************ Now that that's out the way, hi Diane, glad you joined us! I have been very bloated today, so my tummy feels hard right above the pubic bone, like a u or a ) type thing. But probly cause of the bloat. I have friends that got pg on their first go, and I have a cla__smate who's know 13 wks along, and she got pg right after getting off bc, with the pull out method. Talk about lucky!!! So, you never know! RMT your symptoms sound promising! Ladies, I hope theirs tons of baby dust headed our way!!~! Do any of you already have kids? I have a 19 mn old son.


Andrea - October 26

I am due around 10/31 or 11/1. I posted in the forum under the "Blue Veins" question. If you'd like to read my symptoms there. Feel free and then we can compare notes. ;)


Diane - October 26

Hello everyone. I have had slight cramping all day. It seems to mainly be on the right side. Anyone else have this? I'm trying on to over a___lize everything little feeling, but this one is very obvious. AF is due Nov 4th...


Diane - October 26

Sorry, I can't type! I meant to say that I'm trying NOT to over a___lize everything!


Diane - October 27

I just got home from work and had cramping all day long. It's almost like a sharp pain in the same spot on the right. AF is due Nov and I have some test that I ordered online that you can day 8 days befoe AF is due. Which is actually today. I'm really trying not to take one though. I want to wait a few more days.


gwen - October 28

Hey Andrea, welcome! ****** I'll find your post after posting this. ;) *** Well, I think I'm screwed, I lost all of my cm. Its gone, except when I check cp, which is actually close, soft, and high. And, I've got the flu!!! So, I think all of my symptoms were that. go figure! *** RMT - I know what you mean, or at least I think I do, my uterus has been "twitching", it's really freaky. It happens at lot. And everything tastes salty, thinking it's just the flu though. hmmm...


gwen - October 29

Ladies, how are you all? Haven't heard from any of you. Well, last night dh and I bd for fun, this morning after going potty, I wiped and got cm with streaks of blood on the cm. Kind of brown. Oh, well! Back to the drawing board. Keep me posted ladies!!!


RMT - October 29

Hey Qwen, sorry for not keep up, just been a bit busy lately. :-) Well, my symptoms of pregnancy have increased with gas, and hunger, and sleep.... yeah all that good jazz. I was suppose to start my period on the 28th, and I have not. My cramps; or felt like slight AF cramps have subsided and all I am getting now is tingling in my b___st, pain in them too, current trips to the bathroom, and what seems like a bloated and starting to harden lower abdomen. Hum?????? Let me know what cha think.:-) Thanks



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