Hot Water Shower

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Mrs - October 13

Wanted to know that is having a shower with very hot water bad during pregnancy and when not pregnant.Another thing is that the dark area around my nipples have become much larger and also my ribs pain at times.Are these signs of anything?Any responce would be appreciated.


Shelly - October 13

hi, i dont know about the hot water showers although i dont think that they would be harmful. where do your ribs hurt? mine hurt to and i think i am pregnant. mine hurt right in the middle in the front of my chest. i dont know what it is but it could be a sign. please reply


Mrs - October 13

Hi shelly,my ribs hurt in the same place like yours.Hope it is a sign of pregnancy.I really want a child.


kaydee - October 13

hey im ahveing the same thing its like right under my b___st and it happend like 12 times a day ...and my lower back has been hurting a while ... i put a post up can i might br preg please help viv or anyone if you would like to see what my case is ...


Shelly - October 13

hey again. i found this link useful and it explains all the pains you may get during pregnancy. the rib pain seems to be the expanding uterus pushing your stomach and all that lot up into your ribs and your ribs have to expand and grow outwards. hope this helps


Marie - October 26

My problem is I have severe pain when I shower. I had the same problem with my first pregnancy 8 years ago and the doctor did not know what could be wrong. I dread shower time because my b___st are painful and feel like they are on fire. Does anyone else have this problem? I need help!


Ash - October 27

Try taking a bath if showers are a dread. It might be the prolonged position of standing that is discomforting to you. As for the previous hot shower question, I have heard that very hot showers are not good while you are pregnant. Pregnant women should never go in hot tubs (I a__sume hot showers are the same concept).



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