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cheri22 - March 3

Okay gals. Just thought perhaps I will introduce myself for the women "afraid" to email me, or already have their minds made up before knowing who I am. First off.. I am 100% female:) for those of you who aren't too sure. I am 29 (30 in june) and I have a daughter who will be 3 in May. I have been married for 5 years this august, and will have been together for 10 as of Oct. In regards to my gift, or "hoax" abilites as some of you refer to it, I have had this gift since I was young. My mother has told me that I have talked to my nana who had passed away when I was just over 2. To this day, I believe that she is one of the people I channel for information, along with two of my spirit guides. Tomas, and Serlina. I have been doing these predictions for FREE for just over 6 months now. Started off on Todays parent website and has continued to one other site and this one. I do NOT charge for these, as I feel I am still learning and growing my gift. My interpretation of the messages I recieve are still a bit "off" and not 100%. I dont claim to be 100% and am striving for that. By doing these predictions I gain more experience, and with your feedback, I can learn where I am "off" and hopefully learn from that. My predictions aren't meant to change anyones lives. I dont expect ANYONE to change their lives based on what I say. I would however hope that these predictions are kept in the back of your mind so that when it does happen you can say "I KNEW THAT!". If you have any questions, I am more than willing to answer them. By responding here, or my email [email protected] I do try to get to every email, and if your left waiting I apologize. I am here at work lol.


Kelly11 - March 3

Cheri...I just wanted to say thank you for posting...and regardless of everything else---you have been so nice to talk to!!! Thank you so much for your time and keeping such a positive spirit. I really appreciate that---especially while TTC ; )


AshleyPros - March 3

Hi Cheri thanks for posting, and I agree with Kelly, your words have definatly been uplifting...lets just hope this one is an accurate one!! I'm so excited, can't wait til my appt. on the 21st, I'll keep you posted!


Brownie - March 3

How long does it take for you to respond to an e-mail?


TerriL - March 3

Hi Cheri! Thanks for joining in. Welcome.


LS - March 3

Thanks Cheri - it's great talking to you & fun to have someone else that wants your prediction to be right as much as I do! LOL


cheri22 - March 3

As for how long it takes to get a prediction by email? I guess it depends on how busy I am here at work. I do most of my emailing from here:) I check in through out the day and try to email right away. So most times...right away.. other times, might take a few hours.. worse case, a day. Doesn't usually take longer than a day and thats worse case:)


AshleyB - March 3

Hi Cheri, I just wanted to say it's been nice chatting with you the past few days and I appreciated how uplifting it's been. I really hope your prediction was right for me too, that I'm pg right now. Thanks


michelle - March 3

i sent a request in almost 3 hours ago and still nothing.


megdan8582 - March 3

I agree with them as well! You were so nice to talk to! Thank you so much for taking the time to email me! :o)


Emily - March 3

Michelle, it took awhile for her to respond to me. She told me another girl, which we already had a good idea it was, 7lbs, and a little early. Am just wondering if she can guess at how early....... she is very upbeat and helpful.....


michelle - March 3

Yeah i did get an email back from her, she thought it was a reply from another person, she didn't know it was a new one. Think she is confused w/me she still has to clear some things up. waiting on another email from her. She has aug boy that keeps sticking.


laura8 - March 3

hi cheri, thank you for your post. you have been very helpful in helping me connect with an ex-boyfriend who pa__sed away as well as give me insight about other aspects of my life. for those who are skeptical, take it for what its worth. for those who believe that some individuals have a certain "gift", it is very comforting. for those who are not sure what they believe, try it, you have nothing to loose.


Jessica SM - March 3

Hi cherri. I emailed you but have not received an answer. Did you get it? I am curious to know what you have to say.


cheri22 - March 3

to Jessica I do have your email highlighted...I keep going back to your email.. I apologize for the delay but haven't been able to connect to get your answers? are you "opening" yourself for the prediction? Some people have "sheilds' up that they might not realize are there...and can "block" readings?


Jessica SM - March 3

ok never new that and wouldnt know how to open up to a reading.


cheri22 - March 3

jessica ------ not really sure how to get you to "open" up. Not sure why I am having troubles with it. I'm going to email you after I finish off some work. Perhaps having the distraction will enable me to read you? Sorry!!! sometimes it does happen and I have to revist the email/post after



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