How Accurate Is A Blood Pregnancy Test

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UNSURE - December 16

I have taken two at home pregnancy test both were negative and then went to the docotor for a blood test and it too was negative. However over the last six weeks I have lost close to 15 pounds and gained it back in my stomach and br___t. I work up this morning to a softball size circle on my shirt where my br___t had leaked through the night. I am not sure if I am pregnant or if my hormones are just really messed up and I don't know what to do. I also take several medications for depression and have not been taking them thinking maybe I am pregnant and knowing that they would be harmful to a baby. I have been on the contraceptive ring for two months and took it out today but I am really unsure what to do next, PLEASE HELP


momma cat - December 16

I have no idea but I am wondering the same thing. I haven't taken a blood test but i will be on Saturaday. So maybe someone will reply back for the both of us. Good Luck


Grandpa Viv - December 16

A quant_tative blood test gives a numeric answer and is very accurate and also expensive. The normal blood test is qualitative and is not much more accurate than a urine test. UNSURE, it's not likely that you got pregnant while on the ring, but if you think you might have been pregnant before you started, now would be a good time to call the doc and ask what to do next. You might have had those tests in the first few weeks when the hCG was too low to show.


Christine - December 17

I really dont know about pregnancy...I agree with what Grandpa Viv stated...just some insight though..becareful with the depression medications..most of them you are not supposed to just stop taking...more importantly if you have been taking them for quite a while...if you think you are pregnant you need to call your doc/and or therapist and ask them the correct way to stop using them...there are some that are safe to take while wellbutrin...prozac, and celexa..and others like them should not just be need to wean your way off of them..or switch to something safe...stopping them cold turkey could run you into some severe problems...good luck



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