How Bad Were The Cramps

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maddie - May 12

Hi I have been experiencing some of the worst cramps of my life. I don't really get AF cramps, so I'm pretty spoiled. Any ++ now or in past experienced this. Mine are starting on left side right under my rib cage and radiating down to lower belly. Thanks


maddie - May 12

Sorry, I forgot to add they feel almost like I've done way too many situps. If anyone works out you know the feeling at the end of a workout? That's how I feel, but haven't done situps all week, they even hurt too much. I feel a strange pulling in lower gut.


aimee - May 12

i feel the same way. i'm 10 DPO.


maddie - May 12

I am 11 days :))


aimee - May 12

i had this with my first pregnancy. it's a good sign.


aimee - May 12

Don't you think mine are a little high? Under rib cage.....


maddie - May 12

sorry that last post was from me


aimee - May 12

i duno. that could be gas pains. :P


Linz - May 12

I am 11 dpo and am having the exact same I've done too many situps. Mine is on the left side too. I hope it is a good sign!


bump - May 12



maddie - May 12

back again with more to add. I just wanted to see if anyone had any insight. My cramps are dulling, TG!!, almost like a tingle in middle abdomen. I am also now having constipation, which is killing me. Any ideas without meds for relief???


lee - May 12

i would like to know too


jas - May 12

hi maddie. i got my BFP from my doctor today. i have been having very bad period like cramps. i usually get them on the day af arrives but this time they started one week before. and two days before i got my BFP i started havung the muscles pan as if i have done situps. so that has been the biggest symptom for me together with my sore bbs. i hope this helps and good luck


mandy - May 13

i know what u are talking about with the cramps.. ohh my gosh .. for me it starts from the left side of my lower stomach and travels to my right side... and im one of those people that dont have cramps on my period at all. and i have been feeling VERY bloated (gasy feeling) that i never have.. another thing is the blood veins in my b___st and very very noticeable .. i have tooken 4 pregnancy test first 2 were clear blue and easy and one had a faint line positive and the other one was neg.. and on first response they both were neg... help!!! lol.. i am trying to have a baby and i am takeing prenatal vit.. do they give u these types of side affects or does it sound like im pregnant???? any help would be great!!! thanks again


superbadchick - May 13

I went to the doctor today & my gynecologist told me that it was probably ovulation, because af didnt come for 11 more days. I never had cramps with ovulation before , so go figure.


annieb - June 3

I am going through the same thing. My period was supposed to come five days ago. I have had light spotting fot the past three days (it is a funky brown color) with a pulling type of cramping on my left side under my rib cage that sort of stretches to my belly b___ton. Do you think I should be worried?


shawan - June 3

i have had cramping for 2 weeks like af is here and i run to bathroom but nothing. i took a hpt but it was a bfn. im 4 days late



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