How Can I Get People To Believe Me MY Story

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Helen - May 23

I know I was pregnant. Call it mother's intuitiveness or whatever. I had missed my first period and had brown spotting instead. I had high body temp for a week straight. Waking up in middle of night with a huge urgency to urinate. Headaches for a week straight. Then my period came but was bright red. Not painful at all. Was bright red for two days only when I wiped. Then the third day I had nothing at all. Fourth day I had pink spotting with gooey stuff in it. Fifth day it was pinkish just when I wiped. I never did get a positive on a urine but I swear I know I was pregnant. Doctors seem to just shrug me off. After this period, my next ovulation was extremely painful. I could barely walk with the sharp pains I had shooting everywhere. Tons of white, wet discharge. Clumps of it. I knew something wasn't right. Next period was heavy with clots and tons of bad back pain. I think this was me miscarrying. Would have just been a month along. Now I am worried about future pregnancies. How do I get someone to check me out if no one believes that I KNOW MY BODY and I KNOW I WAS PREGNANT??????? I am going nuts. Thanks.


Grandpa Viv - May 23

That's really a doctor question, and you say the doctors don't want to hear about it. I hesitate to reply. Curious that you had an ovulation (?) even though you thought you were preg. Miscarriage is much more common than we care to hear about. It's almost a natural reproductive function. Could it be that what happened in your case is that implantation was in the wrong place? One miscarriage is not an indication that you will have problems with future pregnancies. One cause for concern is that not everything was expelled, and this early that is not likely the case. Just be on the lookout for any signs of infection. Good luck next time!


Estee P - May 23

Helen, don't worry about whether anybody believes you or not, you're not trying to prove anything. You don't have to convince anyone of what you thought you experienced. As for the future, I would suggest you give your body a month or two to settle back into a pattern. If by then you are still very confused by what it is doing, go for a thorough examination with an ob/gyn. Don't worry about this. Funny stuff happens to so many women all the time. We will never know exactly what is going on. Just try to relax and give it some time. Good luck!!


To Helen - May 23

If you actually had been pregnant, when you saw the doctor and after you the first period you mentioned, then you would not have ovulated the next month!! U do not ovulate when you are pregnant. If you wanted a baby, a good time to bd would have been around the time you had those sharp ovulating pains. Maybe you missed that chance because you thought you were already pregnant. You say you know your body, but how many times have you been pregnant or miscarried before? You only get an idea of how your body might react to pregnancy, when you've been through it a few times and even then there's no telling. If you can stop yourself from believing you were pregnant, you can move on and get pregnant next time. Nothing of what you described, sounded like it was anything to really worry about. Periods are sometimes very different from other periods you have, and there is no particular reason. In any case, you can get pregnant right away again, if you relax!


rhea - May 23

Helen, you can't ovulate and be pregnant. If you are truly concerned about what happened (though it does not sound too unusual?) call another doctor and see what he or she says. If you were pregnant (which means you were not ovulating when you thought you were), and did have a miscarriage, I am sorry for your loss. The best thing to do then, is to wait a cycle and let your body get back on track, and try again.


Helen - May 23

I am sorry you all. I miswrote what I meant. I think the first period I had after my skipped one was my miscarriage. When I had bright red bleeding. And the pinkish goo. I meant the ovulation after this "miscarriage" was very painful, like my body was trying to get back to normal or something. Then the period after that ovulation was very painful, very clotty and very heavy. I just thought that period was me getting back to normal too not when I miscarried. Sorry-I meant the bright red bleeding. I just hate feeling this way and not being able to tell people what is wrong with me. I can't just say-Oh I had a miscarriage and not have proof. But trust me, I have been in horrible spirits lately because I just know something wasn't right. And people are asking. I don't know what to say-I cry everytime I think about it. Thanks for the advice anyway.


sm - May 24

I would say yes, you were pregnant, lots of early pregnancies do not make it for no known reason past the first week. it is normal an one reason Very early hpt's are not recommended, an early positive often turns to despair when af comes a few days late. A chemical pregnancy it is called. It in no way affects you ability to conceive next time round. Dont worry what the doctors think, unless they have a blood test they are always conservative in their opinions. As long as you know, that is enough.


Jbear - May 24

I had two very early miscarriages before I became pregnant with my daughter. She's three, and I'm now almost 6 months pregnant with my second child. My earlier miscarriages didn't seem to affect my ability to carry a healthy pregnancy to term. I never recieved medical care for the two miscarriages (I couldn't afford it). I'm sorry for your loss, and I'm sure you will have many more opportunities to have a child.


Helen - May 24

I appreciate your feedback. I was just rereading everything and I forgot to mention my most important sign. I had veins all over my b___sts and legs. When can I expect these to disappear? I will just keep this to myself. Sucks but I guess things happen for a reason. Thank you again. I really thank you all again.



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