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Pledge - February 3

Hi all, I came off the pill mths ago, my AF always were irregular(only regular when on the pill), heavy and lasted about days . Now i have stopped,2 of my last AFwere shorter with normal flow.But the last AF was only days , bright red/pinkish and mostly brownish and stringy and very very light. How can i tell if what i have experienced is IB or the side effects of coming off BCP.I have some pg symtoms( faitgued , headaches and feeling bloated) but yet all the HPT's are neg.Doc won't help much. How do u know the difference ?


pledge - February 3

came off bcp, 4 mths ago, and af lasted 5 days. last AF was only 2 days, sorry for the mistakes


pledge - February 9

anyone ???


Meg - February 9

Reading in this site many of women experienced irregularities when coming of pills. So don't worry and in the same time try HPTs ... maybe you are pregnant :-}


pledge - February 9

Thx meg


Grandpa Viv - February 9

Pink and brown when wiping is a common description of IB. Look for some of the other signals like creamy discharge, more frequent peeing, and unusual changes to the b___bs. Test at weekly intervals until you miss a second normal period, then go to the clinic and ask what is going on. Good luck!


Pledge - February 10

Thx Granpa Viv, since my HPT's are -ve, im trying to get the idea of me being preg. off my mind, but my belly grows, even my DH now is telling me i eat way too much and starts being suspiciousand My DD tells me that" i have a baby in my belly " because it used to be flat.Go figure.. But i'll definately have to pay a visit at the clinic, cos something is going on...Thx again.


hello - February 10

sounds like implant bleeding fingers crossed x


pledge - February 10

well, that would be a first one because i have kids already and never experienced IB, but was sick& tired for both, that was about it . I'll let u know.Baby dust to all x



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