How Did Your Preg Cramps Feel

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Michelle - October 13

I started getting a light cramping achy feeling in my pelvic area this morning... it died down.. it did'nt feel like pre mins cramps, you kinda feel that on one side and in your back... just wondering how the cramps were saposed to feel???


*** - October 13

please reply to it


Mike - October 13

Ready for the standard answer.......Every woman is different. But really, my wife has been experiencing what she describes as period cramps. She says they're not painful, just annoying. I had to have my wife explain it to me, since I'm not a woman. She says they're sorta like the cramps you have around your abdomen when you have diarrhea. But.....we don't know if she is pregnant yet.


Sue - October 13

Hey Mike, are you new to this forum. I have seen you here and there and you are a nice refreshing addition to these posts! Especially with the young gal with the baby (think that was you?) Sounds like you are well educated with a good head on your sholders. Your wife if lucky. Maybe you can be our new grandpa viv??


Jessika - October 13

I am having cramps and I think it is cause I am oing but I usually don't feel any cramps. Good Luck to you all!! *~*~**Baby Dust**~*~*


Mike - October 13

Whoa! Not ready to be a grandpa anything yet! Hey, but thanks for the comments. They're appreciated. This is my outlet. My wife is the one who has to endure all the symptoms and AF, if and when she gets here. During that 2ww, I like to find out as much as I can. My wife is a hoot. She keeps telling me how much of a pain in the b___t I'm going to be if she does/is pregnant. This would be my first child and I'm more than ready. I'm 38 but told my wife when we married that having children wasn't a condition. I love her just the way she is! We're just hoping that her TR over a year ago gives us that chance. But, we leave (i'm really trying to) this to God. We just want what He wants for us. Sometimes I'm really torn about a child. While being a "dad" would be great, I'm already a "stepdad" to two girls that I wish were my own. I love them like they are and would lay down my life for them. I also take a look at our world. I think about all the stuff that is transpiring and raising a child in today's culture. There's just so much to be watchful for. In any case, God does know what is best and anything He does only brings glory to His name. In the meantime, while I'm waiting with my wife I hope to learn more and chat with those of you who have questions just like me. Oh, and Lauren, the 19-year old. I am praying for her. I truly want the best for her and pray that her parents will listen to her. This won't be easy for her or her bf. She sees the roses right now, but got to be careful of the thorns. Not being pessimistic, but rather realistic.


Sue - October 13

Mike, your response was heard from the heart! sorry i b___t into this post and hope that michelle can get her post back on track after this one. Didn't mean to imply the grandpa thing, but there was a gentleman here a few months past who, like your self was very kind to help share with all of us his feedback! (and it was good) and his name was grandpa Viv. I read somewhere he is traveling, but i havent seen his name lately. This has been my outlet lately and try to help where I can too! It is nice to be rea__sured that there are good people in this world that are sent to us as angels in disguise to help us create a better world!! Look forward to seeing your wishes to you and your family!!!!


B - October 13




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