How Do I Know If I Am Pregnant

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Julia - September 12

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for the past couple of months. I had my last period on August 24, which means I am not due for my next period for a couple of weeks. But for the past couple of days I have been having some really bad cramping in my stomach, and I am going to the bathroom much more than normal, could this mean that I am pregnant, or could it be all in my head?, and I am thinking that I am pregnant so my body is making me feel like I am. I want to be pregnant so much and I feel like I am, but I want to know for sure, how can I tell whether I am or the way that I am feeling is all in my head?


Viv - September 12

If you are pregnant and experiencing symptoms you are close to creating a record. Let's see. Suppose you ovulated on day 11 instead of day 14, that would take us to Sunday, Sep 4th. Were you making hay Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend? Implantation is thought of as 7 - 10 days after conception. That would take us to Saturday, Sep 11th at the earliest. You say Friday. Yes! It's possible. Cramping and bladder changes? Right on! Any spotting over the weekend (not necessarily so)? Start looking for tender b___sts, tiredness, bowel changes, mood change (what's new), food aversions or nausea. Don't take a pregnancy test until at least you have missed your period. Read the instructions very carefully - its easy to get a false negative, but false positives are rare. Have a prenatal consult as soon as you are sure - want that baby to have vitamins and folic acid as ordered. Come back purleeease and tell us what happens. We care.


julia - September 12

Viv: could the way that I am feeling be all in my head as I really want to be pregnant?


Christine - September 12

I to also want to be pregnant if not now soon, I have not had a period since July 9th Some very light pink spotting on Aug 31st. I have taken 4 home pregnancy test with negative results. I am due to go to the doctor Wed. but could it be something else like cancer? Im scared.


Viv - September 12

Yes, it could all be in your head. Just be patient, and remember that trying is half the fun of getting there. Don't forget to let us know how it turns out. I want to put you in the record book.


812 - September 12

okay, i have all these signs and 3 neg urine tests (1 from doc and 2 from dollar store)... * CRAMPING * 2 MISSED AF (JULY / AUG) * LOWER ABDOMEN PAIN * BIGGER TENDER BREASTS ( GREW 2 SIZES IN 2MTHS) * HEARBURN * WEIGHT GAIN ( BUT HARDLY EATING ) * INDIGESTION * WAISTLINE GREW (CANT FIT N-E JEANS I WORE 2 MTHS AGO) * NUMBNESS OF HANDS & LEGS * SPOTTING VERY LIGHT (PINK & BRWN 4RM AUG. 31st - SEPT 11th) * QUEASINESS ( NOT ACTUALLY VOMITTING ) * TIREDNESS * VAGINAL DISCHARGE ( NOT ITCHY, BURNING, OR SMELLY) * LOWER BACK PAIN * LOSS OF APPETITE ( OR GROWNING APPETITE) * HEADACHES.... now what does that sound like? i gotta go to da doc wed and i'm gonaa get a blood test but could i still be pregnant?????


Julia - September 19

Me again...just touching base, I am still having pretty bad cramps and I never get cramps before my period, also bladder changes, mood swings and gas, oh and tiredness. My period is due to come on sept.22/23. Can I be pregnant?, without taking an hpt, as I know I shouldn't until I have missed my period, how can I tell if I am or not? I really want to know!!


Me too - September 19

I had my period on the 25th of Aug. I took a preg. test this morning, first responce. I am 11 dpo. It came back post. very fain line. But it is there. Sound like you have signs of pregnancy, but also could be pms. My big clue was the tiredness and dull back ach. You could try a preg. test. Try and get one that has 2 in a box and test using morning urine.


Viv - September 19

Congratulations Julia! I think you and your husband must have hit the nail on the head. That's a pretty convincing set of symptoms, especially since you were trying. I am collecting stories of vivid dreams if you have any to share.


julia - September 21

ok, I took a preg. test today and it came out neg. I know that I still could be preg., so I should re-test in a week. Anyways what I wanted to know is if I am preg, I would only be about a month or so along and I am going to be flying over seas on friday, will that be ok, because I have been told that it is not safe to travel during any time of your pregnancy, but I have also been told that it is just not ok in the 3rd tri. I was wondering if you knew anything about this.


Viv - September 21

The only symptoms you have talked about so far are cramping and bathroom. That could be a number of things. How about the other symptoms?


julia - September 22

I also have tiredness and gas along with the cramping and bladder changes I have been having bad mood swings too. But what I would really like to know is if I am pregnant is it ok for me to fly?


julia - September 22

just bumping my question up.


Viv - September 22




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