How Do We Tell His Parents

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Scared - October 10

Ok, I'll be 22 in 5 months and he will be 23 in 3 months. We have been together almost 6 years (we do plan on getting married, one day)I just found out that i am pregnant. We are so excited about having a baby. My parents are happy for us....but his parents do not know yet...we are so scared of what they will say. My mom had me at 18 so she knows what its like to have a child at a young age. His parents were much older and they are more strict than mine. Any ideas on how to tell them? Should my boyfriend tell them alone or should I be with him? Should we wait until i go to the Drs.? (oct. 27) I believe i am already in my 6th week (going on 7th).....The only thing we are scared/nervous about is telling his parents! HELP!!! PLEASE!!!


Lo - October 10

I'm a little conflicted. I do think if you plan on joining his family one day, you should tell him together. But if your going to stress about it he should do it alone. Stress isn't good for the baby. Let him go tell his parents the good news, then go in at a later date and discuss it as a group. That way if they intially disapprove, he'll have time to smoove things over. Eother way I hope it goes well.


scared - October 10

I do want to go with him to tell them, but im so nervous and scared of what they will say and think. Thanks for your help.


Mike - October 10

I would think after 6 years, they either approve of you or not. Look, 22 isn't like being 15. You're an adult, correct? He is as well, correct? And I think that 6 years is quite a bit of time to get to know someone. So, why not tie the knot? Find out it you are indeed pregnant first. Personally, I think you should be there when you and your bf speak to his parents, and likewise with your parents. It would be a red flag to me if after 6 years you feel that his parents would dispprove of you. Remember, the two of you made this child, so why does the news have to be made independent of each other. Why cower now? Parents are human beings as well. I think it much more mature if both individuals present the news together. If it gets testy, excuse yourself, and you bf should back you up. The worst thing to do would be to get into a shouting match. Be ready to answer the questions that will be asked: Are you getting married? What about your future? etc...


hello - October 10

i have an idea what if you guys went out and bought a "grandma" item and wrapped it up for christmas? or even wrap up a sonogram or pos test???


scared - October 10

Well, I'm pretty sure i'm pregnant (4 positive HPT) We are going to get married, we were just going to wait, i would be happy to marry now or anytime! I have never been in this situation before so i was asking for advice. I appreciate all of your advice. I guess we will just have to tell them and get it over with. Thank you everyone....wish me luck!!


Steph - October 10

Good luck to you chick!! Being pregnant is a wonderful thing!!! It may be hard at first to tell his parents, but I bet in the end everything will work out for you guys. Right now you need to be happy for yourselves and excited. If others aren't right off the bat, they will in time. Anyways, congrats on you pregnancy!!! Also, I think that you guys should tell them together, alone is not the best way to go about it. You guys are both adults and as such, need to act the same, meaning telling them together. Also, when you do tell them, make it a happy and exciting thing, not a sad and scary experience.


Scared - October 10

Thanks Steph, i'm gonna try not to worry because i dont want to have anything go wrong with mr or my pregnancy. I'm just going to try to be calm about it and we see what goes from there....but i do believe we will wait until i go to the Drs.



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