How Do You Check Your Cervix

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no patience! - March 21

This is an honest question!!! I really don't know. How do you determine whether or not your cervix is open or closed? How do you know its position.


D - March 21

I'd LOVE to know this too...GREAT question...I just tried to check mine and I have NO FREAKING clue what the heck to look for.....anyone!! AF is due today...I NEED HELP!!!!


no patience! - March 21

I'm glad I'm not the only one!!!! Please.. someone enlighten us!!!!


jena - March 21

oh my gosh - DYING to know myself. I don't know what they mean by when you are pregnant it's "closed for business" because recently when trying to BD with my DH it's been hard to do! I feel like mine is "closed for business" but again, I don't know what that means!


La Rae - March 21

Jena - you made me laugh. I do know that when af is coming it closes up quite a bit - but you can still get your finger (among other things) up in there. I also know that from personal experience - the cervix does whatever the hellit wants to at any given time of the day or night. I can check mine at 8 in the morning and it'd be high, soft and kind of open or open or closed. And then I could check it two hours later and it'd be low, kind of hard, hard, closed or open or what have you....So honestly - I don't think anyone knows or that anyone can really go by their cervix - but I do know in my own personal case, I am now an expert as to when my af is coming. As far as Ovulation? Pretty good at that now - but it's not for certain (seems to fluctuate for me). And pregnancy? I'll let you know that one if I ever get that way again. 13 years ago, when I was pg - I did not check my cervix, cm, b___bs, stomach, anything! I was so naive - I didn't even realize IB when I had it (if that's what it was). So.....basically? Your cervix is just another thing that is unpredictable to the signs of pregnancy.


Grandpa Viv - March 21

Cervical position and feel is supposed to help determine ovulation, but is not much help determining pregnancy. For ovulation it should be checked with a finger using the exact same stance each time (on the can, squat in the shower, or one leg up on the tub). At ovulation the cervix is S.H.O.W. (soft, high, open, wet) and the rest of the time it is low and hard (like the tip of your nose). An erect p___s can feel a low, hard cervix. With the other aids to zero in on ovulation that are available (opk, mucus, BBT) it is not necessary to go poking around if it is not comfortable.



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