How Do You Cope From Cycle To Cycle

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Jamie - March 3

Hi everyone I wonder how everyone copes from cycle to cycle, when instead of the two pink lines, af appears instead. We have been ttc for only 3 months, and I feel so much unhappiness, I cry, and feel extreme grief, almost like I lost someone. Is that normal? Do others simply sigh, shrug it off and move on? How do you cope? Please, share something with me.


Susan - March 3

I've been ttc for 10 months now. Every month i think of what my due date would have been and i tell myself stuff like, "the babies birthday would have been over the summer, he will hate that when he is older and in school and i wouldn't be able to bring in cupcakes to school for him" or when i would have been due in Sept i told my self that my family has a million bdays in sept and he would end up having to share his bday parties. Maybe i'm psycho but that helps me get through it. I just think of something negative in the month and tell myself next month will be better.


lucy to jamie - March 3

I have been ttc for 3 mnths like yourself. Like you at first I found it hard when the first couple of AFs arrived and constantly asked myslef what if as I truly thought i would catch straight away--- silly i know!.. After the first couple of mnths though I quickly decided if it is going to take some time I can't put myself thru the upset every month. You've just got to belive that everything happens for a reason and relax and let nature take it's course.. hope this helps


clare - March 3

i have been ttc for 2yrs, i have a 6yr old son, who is perfect and i would love another, but trough my 2yrs i have had my ups and downs, i've also had 2 miscarriages one just 2 months ago. you will start to think its never going to happen. you do have to try and put it to the back of your mind other wise the months are going to get longer and harder. then your life will be taken over by ttc. then you have the down side of af paying you a visit. so sweet, keep your chin up and remember your not alone. we all feel what you go through. so good luck mate.


Jamie - March 3

Hi Suan and Lucy, thank you for sharing. I am 33, and I guess I am a bit worried. Never been on bc, never smoked, no alcohol, minimal caffeine. I thought it would be trivial for me (and very regular cycles). It is so difficult to not get stressed! I feel so let down, like I am being punished for something :-( But I come to the forum to get some hope, hear from others, thank you again :-)


Jamie - March 3

Hi Clare, thank you Youwere probably writing up your message when I was responding to Susan and Lucy, so I did not thank you for sharing. I am amazed by the strength and fort_tude that people have here, for months, years even. I really should be ashamed for feeling down after 3 months ttc...


clare - March 3

it can be 1month or 2yrs the feeling are the same. you've come to the right place to talk, when you hear other people stories, its a feeling of wanting to help other people. if i can be strong then so can you. all the ladies on this forum are all the same. hoping and praying every month. but we are all here to support each other.


Tee - March 3

I have been reading this forum daily for a month now. We have been TTC for 7mth now... Its nice to know I am not alone. Best of luck to all of you :-)


Joanie - March 3

I definitely don't shrug it off easily. I am sad for a few days, and then I get all determined to try and make it work again. I also try not to think about it too much, relax, and ttc again


Mrs B - March 3

You just have to believe. At first this is very difficult. the emotions will be high. But you have to get good medical help if needed, do everything that's on your side, and try your best to relax. You really have to learn to relax.... I know, harder done than said, but believe


Shannon - March 3

Hi Jamie, me and my hubby have been trying for 14 months now (waiting for March 5th to see if we can stop trying!). Trust me I know how hard it can get... and I also know how very long even three months feels. Every month seems like it has its highs and lows. I think that early in my trying I found it the hardest because I wanted it to happen so badly. Each month, after a while, I found ways to cope. Me and my husband have decided that we will adopt if we can't concieve so I keep telling myself that someday we WILL have a child and in the end thats what we really want. It doesn't matter if it was concieved in me. Anyways, I wish you all the best and I hope it happens for you soon!



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