How Do You Knew If Things Went BAD

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kimberly - June 1

i heard of having a miscarriage before even finding out that you are pregnant ? how does that happen and what do you do ? does the body have its natural way of cleaning itself?


Rainbow - June 1

In the cases where you didn't even know you were pregnant, you just get a late period, or a particularly heavy period, which may or may not be on time. Because your bleeding looks like a normal period, it is before you even knew. Some women do know they were pregnant because they test so early on, that the test discovers really low HcG levels. If they then start bleeding 'normally', they know 'it went bad'. If this happens to you and you are under 6 weeks preggo, the body usually just deals with it quite naturally, by bleeding and without complications. It's the later m/carriages that require attention because the uterus is expelling more fetal material and lining. Hope this doesn't happen to you and you can just relax and enjoy.


steph - June 1

Just to support what Rainbow has already said - I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks last week. If I hadn't tested after my period was late, I would have never known I was even pregnant. But I tested, got two post_tives, and then tested a few days later and got a negative. The following day my period started. The cramping was slightly more than usual, but my period was still light (as usual). I felt totally fine. So.. had I not tested, I would have just a__sumed my period was a week late - maybe due to stress or something.


kimberly - June 1

thanks rainbow and steph---and GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!


Sophie - June 1

I suspected pregnancy when I was having cramps a week before my period was to start. I had a lot of wet discharge and when I wiped only there was dry brown on toilet paper but only happened for a couple times even tho the wet discharge stuck around awhile like for another 3 weeks or so. Started with bright red only on toilet paper and then later clots with sharp pains shooting up v____a. Then it disappeared and returned pink with globs of white discharge. Then it went away for two days and then the pink was back. My next period was very light and very short. Did I miscarry?


Sophie - June 1

Guess I should say that about 4 days after brown stuff my b___bs got veins all over me. Through areolas and all. They are still there though and this has been over 8 weeks ago. Urines are negative. Thanks.


amy - June 1

hello well i m/c may 3 and i'm not really regular so i had not had af since feb 6 but took a test april 3 and i was bfn so i did't worry about it then my dh keeped asking me if i was ever going to take another one so i did just to get him to be quite and that was april 25 and it came back bfp then i went to get my levels done and they were really low so by may 3 i m/c and it was like any other af so if i would have waited a week longer to test i would have never knew i was pg but i did m/c natural but i still had to go and make sure my levels were going back to 0 so i guess if maybe you think you m/c you should go make sure you levels are to 0



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