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s - November 4

Ok I’m just starting to ttc, I coming of the pill today, so how do you know when an egg is realest, like is there some kind of date you go by, how long will it take my body to get back to normal please help


em - November 4

its different for every one coming off the pill. Befoer I started the pill my periods were so regular, you could set your calander by me, but the first month after the pill, it took me six weeks instead of four to have a period. They slowly go back to normal though. it only took me and dh four months to concieve a daughter. She is 15 month old now. The second time, I got pregnant on the pill. It was a special kind though becasu eI was still nursing dd (she was 11 month old at the time) It will depend on your cycle before you were on the pill and how long your were on it. I suggest looking for sighns of ovulation. Look for cramping in one side or the other witch can signal an egg being relased. Also check cm (cervical mucus) if it is like raw egg whites you are most likely ocvulating. Also ovulation predictor kits or tests are helpfull in predicting a surge in the hormone that releases an egg....Good luck to you and just relax and have fun. With us, it only took us four months , which at the time seemed like forever. We didn't really try anythink, we just bd alot! lol. It was fun!


s to em - November 4

I’m still a bit Nerves about it all, it exciting but Scary… like how did you know you where ready where you not scared about being a mum, don’t get me wrong I cant wait both me and my Fiancé really want this but how do you know like we will have the money, we both work and have a mortgage, which means me losing ½ a wage on maternity leave, does thing just work out, I really want this to happen…….


Grandpa Viv - November 4


s - November 4



to s - November 4

You can spend all your life thinking is this the right time, can we afford it ? etc. If the time feels right for you to have a child I would go with your gut instincts and just go for it. I do suggest not to get too obsessed and just have fun and relax. Easier said than done half the time but try not to let every sign stress you out or confuse you. Check out some good web sites. Fertility, or just google ovulation and you will get lots of good links. Good Luck and all the best. I came off the pill in June and my cycles have varied from 23 days to 34 so it may take awhile to know your body again, or you maybe lucky and fall pregnant straight away.


amyn - November 4

To find out more information about your body I would do research on the web, search stuff like ovulation, and cerivical mucus, it helped me figure out how to tell when the best time to bed was.. good luck



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