How Do You Know If You Are Pregnant If You Dont Get A Peroid Due To Depo

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Deja vu' - September 7

I had got my last depo shot in nov03 started in feb02. I never have protected s_x with my boyfriend he always comes in me. I havent had a period in 3 years, back in june04 my br___t started to bother me very tender feels like(after you have a baby and the milk is drying up)very very painful(couldnt were a bra for 3wks). Took 3hpt came out neg. Pain stopped and in aug i had a period for 2 1/2 days on the 10th/13th. Continued to have unprotected s_x now I have been feeling like nausea,tired,hungry,heartburn,shoulder pains and the br___t pains are back and stronger than ever I cry thats how painful it is. Heres the twist i got my period last night very bad cramps and this morning went to planned parent hood to take there preg test(pee test) and it was neg? I dont know what is wrong with me anyone who can help me????? (please help)([email protected])


hyde - September 4

I think it is best for you to visit the doc rather than listen to what advice we can give. If your cramps are as serious as you have said, it is best to have a gyn to check you out and rule out any further complications or medical problems. Take care.


Deja vu' - September 6

I stop my so called period yesterday morning(Sunday)? Know What? Im i pregnant.


hyde - September 6

:) thank god. at least it is pregnancy n not some serious medical problems. but still, go n get yourself check out properly by a good Obgyn. n remember, don't be pushed into doing something u don't like by the doc. trust your own body. Good luck!


Deja vu' - September 7

I am not pregnant Hyde i just stopped my period. I still have heartburn really bad and my b___st still hurt(really bad)?


hyde - September 7

if your symptoms still persist, n u r obviously bothered by them, why not go to the doctor n get yourself check out? if u r having some medical problems, it is better to have it diagnose early.


Deja vu - September 7

thanks for all your support, hyde!


hyde - September 7

hope everything turns out well for you. Good luck!



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