How Do You Know If Your Having Baby

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Camilla - February 25

I'm only 15 and didn't use condom the 1and 2 time. And it's chance i could be having baby. He was cheating on me with other gurls i was not only one what should i do.First he said keep it then he said he did not want it I was like who said i was going to keep it any way ?


KeeKee - February 25

Camilla Honey, First take a Home pregnancy test or go to a clinic(Planned ParentHood) to make sure you are pregnant. Tell your parents what is going on. If you are not pregnant, use a condom everytime you have s_x. Be careful and safe. Good luck


Yolanda - February 26

The best way is to go somewhere and get a pregnancy test done so hat you will know. honey girl, I hope that you have a lot of support if you are prego but if you don't realize that there are quite a few new moms out there waiting to help you and not only new moms other people too. Pray and ask for help it doesn't hurt to do both.


Grandpa Viv - February 26

The most important sign is that you miss your period, or your period is different and lighter. At the same time you may feel other changes in your body. Click on the Am I Pregnant link to the left to see what some of them are. I am [email protected] if you want to talk some more.


cee - May 13

You need to talk to your parents and let them help you


trina - May 15

Hello camilla,the best thing to do is go to a teen clinic and tell the doc the situation you are in .how long ago did this happen if it was with in the last 2 days maby u can take the morning after pill ask the clinic about it, they should be able to tell you more about that.and if it has been a couple of days that this happend then you need to see if you are late on your period. some advice though next time you have s_x hopfuly you wait its not worth what you are going through is it?well next time use a condom or get on the pill. i understand that you might be scared to tell your parents about your situation so first find out if you are pregnant if you are then you r gonna have to tell them if you are not then that will be up to you if you wanna tell them what happend. I understand a lil of what you are going through i have a lil cousin who is going through the same thing she came to me for help instead of her parents so i helped her out and took her to the clinic she was not pregnant thank god she is 16 so not a lot older than maby if you have someone older that you trust u can tell them what happend.and please dont ever talk to that boy again there goes to show you how much he cared.sorry u r in this situation but like i said use protection no mater what.


paige - June 29

i did not come on this month what do i do


KimberlyM - June 29

Paige, I dont understand what you are asking. Sorry.


Becky - June 29

I think she means she didn't get her period. If that's what you mean, and if you had unprotected s_x, take a preg test and/or see a dr.


kari - June 29

If you are pregnant....get to a clinic and confirm....keeping it or not keeping it is a huge decision....I know for a fact because I was adopted at birth who had me when she was 15.....pregnancy is tough when you are that age....I urge you to get to a clinic like Planned Parenthood, or Crisis Pregnancy Center, so that they can give you information and advice. I wish you all the best.


anne - June 29

To yikes, I can't stand when people judge other people. No one should be making fun of Camilla, I really bet your not perfect. Well Camilla, don't be scared-for your health and the "babys" take a test. For the future, protect yourself because that boy who is telling you that he can't live "without you" and "loves you" will not be there holding your hand when your doctor tells you, you have AIDES and will die soon. You will never know what it feels like to love and be loved. So take care and let this be your wake up call. Good Luck!


jahala - July 21

my babys daddy done the same thing 2 me when i was 13 years old just forget about him and think about the baby. u dont want 2 give it away cause u will remember it 4 the rest of u life. but first go see if u r having a baby first. good luck.


Heather - July 21

so is she pregnant or not?


jennifer - August 30

hi my name is jennifer and im in the little problem that she got im only 16 and im having a baby but came on i know we are young to be having baby's but if we open our leg then we have to deal with being a mother cuz nobody told us to have s_x with out useing a condom and just for you to know just because you are young does not mean you have to give up your baby think about because i did and i made in mind up so in 8 more months i will be having a baby


lauren - September 7

i dont thank you should worry about him,i thank you should keep the baby.Because thank of what you could be giving up.right know im in the same position except that my man wasnt messing around,but even if he was cheating im am still going to keep the baby.thats part of you and somethang special at that.


please...... - September 7

dont you think its a little bit too late to be telling her to keep the baby now? i mean look at the date it was first posted! omg get a grip people


KAL - September 10




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