How Do You Understand All The Abbreviations

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girl in Japan - May 27

can anybody help me with all the abbreviation that are used here constantly on this website. I can barely figure any of them out and it makes it really hard to understand what people are talking please, thanks (oh and by the way going on 3-week late period, but yet negative pregnancy tests,..healthy, no stress, no medications, what could be wrong with me??)


Celia - May 27

Here's a few! BFP = Big Fat Positive..........BFN = Big Fat Negative...........EWCM = Egg White Cervical Mucuous.........OV = Ovulate...........CD = Cycle Day........... DPO = Day Past Ovulation............BD = Baby Dance


tritty - May 27

a few more for ya: DH- dear husband DD- dear daughter or DS for dear son PG- (sometimes used for pregnant) BF- boyfriend AF- aunt flow (menstration) HPT- home pregnancy test and i wish i could answer your question but i'm in the same boat. i'm two weeks late, still bfn and no answers. i'm going to wait 2 more weeks to see if i miss another af before i see the doctor. they usually don't want to see you until you get a BFP on an HPT


justine - May 28

girl in Japan, here is a great website regarding the abbreviations:


girl in Japan - May 28

Oh wow, thank you so much, things make so much sense now. I'll try to use some of them (this morning I woke up with AF much heavier than usual so maybe I was PG but just not showing up on HPT, or maybe I was just unusually late, but either way I don't think I'm PG, should I go to the doctor anyways?)


justine - May 29

Three weeks late is unusual, and then to be heavier too. Sounds like you could have been PG and miscarried. I guess if your feeling o.k. I wouldn't go to the Dr. If your not feeling right or excessively bleeding I would definately go.


nlouise - May 29

So glad you asked- thought I was the only one trying to figure out all these abbreviations! These anwsers helping me out too!!



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