How Early Can One Feel Symptoms

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maya - November 22

Within the week of conception? Or it depends on the person?


nichole - November 23

maya, i have the same question too. how manys dpo are you? Maybe someone can possibly answer this question for us. Are you ttc?


Hmmm - November 23

Ok, I am probably going to get bashed for this but I am going to give you my honest opinion. I am not saying this to be negative or discouraging in any way, I am just going to give you the facts from what I know. A fertilized egg takes 6 - 12 days to implant in the uterus, then it take 3 - 4 days to build up enough HCG in your system to be detected by a hpt. It is this hormone that causes you to feel symptoms of pregnancy. I am seven weeks pregnant and I only started feeling symptoms like nausea last week. When I found out I was pregnant, I had NO symptoms at all, not even sore b___bs. Every month before that, I thought I was pregnant because of symptoms I had, but in reality they were symptoms of AF coming. I don't believe you can feel pregnancy symptoms at 3 - 4 dpo, but that is my opinion and I know people will disagree with me. It just doesn't fit the science of it all. I got my BFP at 12dpo. Hang in there, good luck, and lots of baby dust to you!


kez - November 23

I believe everyone is different. This is my third and I definitely knew about 25 days after my lmp. Boobs are always the give away for me. Even with my first they got bigger, hot and tingled/sensitive before I had missed my period.


Becca - November 23

This is a very interesting question. Hmmm, I thank you for giving an honest answer, and I don't think there is any reason for anyone to bash you when you gave your opinion and your experience in a kind way. Today I am 7 dpo and I know this because I used OPKs this month. My bbs have been hurting since 5 dpo, which is very strange because I usually don't get sore bbs until 11 dpo, and I am VERY regular like that. Also my face started to break out at 3 dpo!!! I know it is strange and I would have never thought that I would get symptoms before my missed, AF, but since everything is so different this month, it makes me wonder if maybe I am pg?!?! I sure hope so, but I won't be testing until Sunday. Good luck to you all!!!


Ann - November 23

Hi I am new to your forum - I have a story and I cant get information anywhere else. I have the very most painful b___st pain. Is this mormal for PMS ???? I had a m/c on the 5th of this month and I do believe that I ov bet CD8-CD11. I also had pain in my RS abdomen on CD 6... I had positive opk and fertile CM and also CP was high. We BD on CD 7-8-9. And since CD 10 I have the most painful soreist BBS I have ever had, like cramping and shooting pains, and heaviness.. I am also having to urinate every 2 hours, even when I dont drink. I had pain and cramping in my abdomen-low center, for the week of CD11-CD17. CP is high again and sticky/a little thick. I am on CD19 right now (Nove 23) I dont know If I have really bad PMS since my m/c or what. But, I will add to this I started taking Vitex on CD3 and also b6 and b12, and raspberry tea. Tell me did I ovulate? MY CP was high CD 7-11. It dropped and then went back up on CD 17. I am soooooo confused. And My BBS hurt so bad.... I have never had this kinda pain before, Is this what the cycle is supposed to feel like? I only started keepin track this month, because I wanted to know when to BD... But, I am so confused.



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