How Early Dpo Did You Know

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shannon5980 - May 27

what is the EARLIEST dpo somebody has gotten a bfn? just curious


Rory - May 27

R u sure a BFN? or a BFP?


shannon5980 - May 27

oh my goodness, i meant a BFP


Rory - May 27

I think that it different with each woman, good luck!


Lin - May 27

The absolute earliest I've ever read anybody on this website getting a bfp in the last 8 months was at 6 dpo, and that was only once. There have been a small handful of bfps at 8 or 9 dpo, but most have been 10 dpo and later.


sian 1 - May 28

i have been pregnant twice and never found out till 2 weeks late for af .


soimpatient - May 28

Hey Lin, In your opinion do you think that it is actually possible to get a BFP at 6DPO or do you think that maybe ovulation happened earlier than expected? I also remember seeing someone post that they got a BFP at 6DPO. I am now 8DPO and I've already started the testing process.


shannon5980 - May 28

thanks for the info, i am only 5 dpo. I think i will test on june 3rd.


buffy2297 - May 29

I got mine on 9dpo it was very faint and then on 10dpo I tested with FMU and got a perfect BFP!


Chas - May 29

i didn't get mine until 13dpo. I tested at 10 dpo and it was neg.


Emma2 - May 29

soimpatient, I agree with you on most likely to have ovulated earlier. 6 dpo is just too freaking early ! It's like to egg is in super speed mode


Lin - May 29

That's a good point, soimpatient. I don't remember if she was temping or anything, so I don't know. That is certainly a possibility that she ovulated early and probably actually likely.


don - May 29

I know I'm new to the group but I thought I would let you know that with my first pregnancy I got a BFP 8dpo(hope those abbreviations are right:)). I know i did not ovulate early and we only had s_x that one night during the month. I am one of those strange girls who actually thought immediately that I was concieving at that moment. This time is completely different and didn't get a BFP until 6 days late!



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