How Early In A Pregnancy Do You Feel Tired

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ciera - February 20

Not sure if I am pregnant, supposed to get my period on Thurs. But the past week or so I have been very tired. Not sure if that is a sign of pregnancy!!


Deb - February 20

It can be, but I had all kinds of months where I was tired and thought I was pregnant, but I really wasn't. When I got pregnant, I didn't get the fatigue until I was about 6 weeks along.


ciera - February 20

I guess its just a waiting game. I wasn't sure if I got this tired with my first pregnancy, or if fatigue played a part yet.


lauralove1987 - February 21

I'm also expecting my period on Thursday, and I've been feeling pretty tired for the last week, too. Have you also been feeling bloated and crampy?


ciera - February 21

Good Luck, my fingers are crossed for you!!! I don't feel crampy. I have been dizzy and light headed a few times in the past week. Let me know if you get any good news!!!


lauralove1987 - February 21

Will do!! Let me know if you get good news, too! :-) I have a good feeling about both of us :-D


Chas - February 21

My period is due friday, and I have also been very tired! I slept 11 hrs the other nite and took a nap the same day !


ciera - February 21

Hopefully everyones week goes by fast. How long have you both been trying for? I feel like I could go to bed right now, and I have a headache that I can't get rid of.


Chas - February 21

I have been ttc for over a year now. We have male factor issues. I am having this cramp in my lower right side... kinda weird.


ciera - February 21

That could be a sign as well. I just find around this time of the month, every little thing I think means that I am pregnant. But I do hope this month you are since you have been trying for so long.


kelly L - February 21

Chas my AF is due on Sat and I slept until 9:00 yesterday morning, took a nap from 12:00-2:00 and then fell asleep for the night at 9:00pm. Way more sleep than I usually need. Hoep that is a good sign for us.


lauralove1987 - February 21

My fiance and I aren't trying to conceive, but we're not opposed to it, either. I wouldn't even have the thought that I could be pregnant if there weren't so many changes this month. For example, my b___sts aren't sore at all...the first cycle in 3 or 4 years this has happened. I've been having strong, "pulling" type cramps for the last 3 days or so. Along with the tiredness and wanting to cry about the silliest stuff makes me wonder...


ciera - February 22

Thats great that you weren't really trying and it may happen. I think the hardest part is when you are trying and it doesn't happen, you are on such a high b/c you think you may be and then your period comes and then you hit such a low. Good luck to you if you guys are ready.


lauralove1987 - February 22

I would love to have a baby, but it's not the most ideal time. We wanted to be married for awhile before we conceived (we're getting married on April 1st). Now it'll be more like 7 months of kid-free marriage hehe. I know that he and I will embrace parenthood no matter when it happens :-) How long have you been trying? I know what you mean about being on a high...I thought I was pregnant a couple of other times in the last year or so, and when I realized I wasn't it was a terrible feeling :-/ I'm trying not to get my hopes up right now, but it's so hard not to.


ciera - February 23

Well so far so good, no period as of yet. That will be exciting for you, if you are pregnant, planning a wedding and getting ready for a baby. Like they say things happen for a reason. We haven't been trying for that long 4 months, but this is our second child and the 1st happened so quick. Like you said about getting your hopes up its so hard not too. I didn't get much sleep last night wondering if I was going to start my period. I hope you had the same results as me this morning!


lauralove1987 - February 23

I have a good feeling about both of us :-) I didn't get my period this morning, either!!! No sign of it all, actually. My temps have stayed up, too (I've been taking my bbt to figure out how to not get pregnant lol). Keep me posted!


Stacey - February 23

I don't mean to jump in on ya'lls conversation, I just wanted to let ya'll know that tiredness in pregnancy came come on anytime. I am 6 and a half weeks and feel like a Mac truck hit me sometimes. You both have promising signs. Wish you both the best of luck.



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