How Far Along Do You Have To Be

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Ashley - September 11

This may be a strange question...but how far along do you have to be before you can get a positive HPT? The reason why I ask is because my brother's girlfriend just told us she was pregnant. She is a nice girl and everything..but I question some things she has said. She said she got a positive HPT and she also said she went to the DR and got a positive HPT and when I asked her how far along she was she said about 3 weeks...I said you don't know for sure and she said no not really I am just estimating. Wouldn't the DR's office give her a rough estimate? I also question her because my brother said that she was on the pill and that he faithfully watched her take the pill everyday. She also told me about three months ago that she was pregnant and of course she wasn't. I mean I guess it is possible..but it sounds kind of strange to me. I told my mom of my concerns and of course she is defending his girlfriend by saying that the pill is only 99.99% effective and she could of still got pregnant and I said in that case since a HPT is also only 99.99% effective then she could not be pregnant. I know I shouldn't worry..but he is my little brother and I don't want him to get hurt. Help me figure this out please....


Anna - September 11

Hey well its does sound a little strange, but i was on the pill with my last three children and i took the pill everyday on time and i still got pregnant. some times it doesnt always work. but does she mean shes 3 weeks late and thats why she said 3 wks.?? but you can also get a post_tive hpt at about 8-10dpo if she produces enough hormone it all depends on the girl. the dr. should have sent her for a quanitive blood test to get her hcg levels. They might not have given her a estimate yet till they knwo for sure. Have her take a test with all of you there then youll know or ahve u and your brother go to the drs. with her. May i ask how old they are?? best of luck!


I hear ya!!!!!!!!!! - September 12

I understand you have worries, so i would just ask her about stuff about the pregnancy like most people due when a new baby is on the way and see if her story changes. This happened to my brother his gf told him she was so they quit using anything and then she did END up I wish him the best, but if you are having some worries just keep a watchful big sister eye:) p.s. three weeks is pretty early to know that your pg i thought....but i'm still learning


Ashley - September 17

My brother is 26 and she is 23. She wants to get married really bad and he is having major doubts about marrying her and I am just concerned that she is lying to him just so he will marry her because he is just that type of guy. Unfortunately they live in a different state so I can't really pry on her...but I hope for her sake she is being truthful...


Cyndi - September 17

Well I am only 2 weeks from conception I ovulated Aug 29 and guess what I took two preg tests they came out positive and went to the doctor and he confirmed it I even got a sono (didn't see anything but the sac and yolk of course) But it can be possible. But it's like this, I am about 4 weeks pregnant but only two weeks from conception it's hard to explain to someone who has never been pregnant. I can see your worry though she has lied already. But I guess time will tell.


Cyndi - September 17

by the way I didn't get an estimate due date yet until it is for sure and the baby can be measured to show how far along the baby is.


hhhmmmmm - September 17

ask her when was here last cycle, ask ur brother when did they bed. Also ask her what did the dr say, don't go into details of what he could say, just find out what she knows. If she says he says she is preg, ask her what did they do while she was there. The ave dr will order blood tests and a pap will be done, and some even do ultra sounds. Ask her what dr she goes to and then tell her u want to go along to see ur little neice or nephew. If she has an appt, the dr would wanna see her back within maybe 2 or 4 weeks to make sure the preg is progressing. He may even wanted her back the next week. When a woman gets preg, generally she is seen 1 time a month until 3rd trimester unless something is wrong. Or, if she tested pos on a test, find out what kind she used, buy another and have her take it, just tell her u r sooo happy to be an aunt and u just wanna see the results. Sounds like she is lying , if she is then ur brother better watch out, somebody is trying to trap him. He needs to have his own supply of condemns and not use any of hers.



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