How Far Along Im I

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baby_patojo - December 13

Hello ladies! its been a while i havent been here until today! =] i wanted to see if someone can help me figure how far along in my pregnancy am i?? my last day of my period was october 22 i conceived on the 6th of november... pretty sure. any ideas????


mjvdec01 - December 13

Count the weeks from Oct. 22 and that is how far along you are. It doesn't matter when you think you conceived- there is a standard measure form the first day of your last period. Congratulations!


mommy23angels - December 13

What I learned in nursing school is take the 1st day of your last period and subtract 3 months, then add 7 days. For example, if the first day of your last period was October 17, then go back 3 months, which would be July 17, then add 7 days, with an estimated due date of July 24, 2009. Hope that helps. There are websites that will calculate it for you, too! Best wishes and congrats!


Grandpa Viv - December 13

If the FIRST day of your last period was Oct 17th, then you likely conceived Oct 31st-ish and are now 8 weeks - a first trimester ultrasound will date the pregnancy within a few days. Due date would be July 24. Good luck!


mjvdec01 - December 14

Hey, July 24th was my due date. Our son will be 5 months on the 17th.


baby_patojo - December 22

any ideas when my body will start to change??? my b___st or anything notable??? lol so far i gained a little weight and i have had a lot of dreams about my b___st been huge. =] thats it i need to be entertained. =] i been off work for 3 weeks. =] hope to hear your response oh im about 2 months pregnant.


MsMandi - December 22

I was wondering if anyone could help me figure this out. I am fairly certain I am pregnant. I just know... and I believe I had implantation bleeding on November 17 & 18. My periods are irregular and I haven't tested in a couple weeks and still no sign of AF. I am noticing subtle changes correlated with pregnancy signs. My question is this... if I did experience implantation bleeding on those two days (it was very spotty and light pink and I felt like I was going to get AF but she never came) How far along would that make me? And when should I definitely test positive? Any advice welcome!! Thank you ladies!


Grandpa Viv - December 22

MsMandi, if that was implantation spotting occurring about a week after ovulation, that would make you 8 weeks about now. If you are not testing positive, it is highly likely some other problem is responsible. Good luck!


MsMandi - December 22

I have not tested in a little over two weeks. Is it possible that the HCG levels weren't high enough at the time? I have heard of women not getting a BFP until nine weeks! Should I test again to be sure? Thank you for your advice!!


atlastls - December 23

I really think you should test. After implantation your HCG levels increase everyday. So two weeks is plenty of time to increase HCG levels enough for a test (at least a sensitve test) to detect it. Let us know what your results are!


gtdimples - December 23

can somebody help me with this? my period was due on the 26th of nov. well, i started spotting from the 22nd and it came on the 24th. this month my period was due on dec19. it's now the 23 and i'm spotting again but this time its brownish. could i be pregnant?


baby_patojo - December 31

anybody that can help would be nice. according to the doctor im moving on my 3 month of pregnancy =] yay! on my FIRST pregnancy my body starting changing within the 8/10 weeks of pregnancy my b___bs were growing and my belly started showing, and i did had worst symptoms this pregnancy is not so bad on symptoms but i've only had sore b___st and sometimes they are itchy it kinda looks like they are growing but no, they peeled before... sometimes they are very hard (most days) and other they are very normal. my belly... well it kinda wants to look dofferent but its not there yet! to me it seems it has taken a more round look but noone can tell i am pregnant! any ideas when my body will change (one thing that gave it off on my first pregnancy was that i had whats called the montgomery bumps or something like that but this time nothing! ) it kinda worries me sometimes but then what makes me calm its that the baby is growing because i will soon be 3 months! any ideas comments please!!! thank you!


sbea - December 31

Okay, if your cycle is 28 days a Due date calculator on the world wide web says you are about 10 weeks and you are due around July 29th.


baby_patojo - December 31

thank you sbea but my question is my last comment. thats why its the last thing i wrote! any ideas with that?


sbea - December 31

I know. I blame it ont he fact that I shouldn't be at work because no one else is. My computer didn't show that anyone else replied until my comment was posted. I am not expert but I would say every pregancy you have will be different. for example, my cousin had usually signs of PG with her first and looked like she was going to pop at 6 months and had a baby girl. However with her second she had heart burn and was carried different. SHe said it was because the child was a boy. I calmly told her that is was a girl. and you know what it was! So I have come to the conclusion that just like everyone will have similar symptoms in the end when they find out they are pg, they are all different for each one on a personall level. Sorry if that doesn't make sense. Not doing anything is turning my brain to mush.



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