How I Got My BFP

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taebo queen - April 11

Hello ladies, It's been quite a while since I posted. I tried for six months trying to get pregnant.I'd temp,check cm.Always had signs so I thought. Only to be so dissapointed when AF arrived. I even thought I had implantation bleeding once. My doctor, God bless this man, told me I should take up a new hobby.Ha ha, though I didn't find it funny at the time. But, it eventually sunk in. I now think I spent a small fortune on pregnancy tests and doctors visits.:) So, I gave up. I quit assuming every sign was the sign. It was hard because I wanted to be pregnant soooooooo Bad. I told dh that if it happens it happens.So, I put all my energy into exersize. I figured it I wasn't gonna be pregnant, I might as well be fit. I lost 12 lbs and felt great. I now could attribute my aches and pains to exersize.Guess what,12 weeks later I was Pregnant. Hehehe. The funny thing is I had NO symptoms really. I was just really tired one afternoon. As I was laying in bed I thought, Shouldn't have I started af? So, I got up and counted the days on my calander. 30 it said. I was two days late. I got up in disbelief. Jumped in my car and bought a test.Got home and took it.It was positive++++.Wow, I was in shock.Can you believe it. Now, That I lost weight and felt so great. I was in great shape to be pregnant.I called my doc to tell him I took his advice and I need the name of a good OBGYN. I'm Due in September. Good luck Yall


Alison - April 11

Congratulations taebo queen that is wonderful news! :o) Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy!!! x


dee - April 11

I too think it's time I give up for a while.congratulations Taebo:)


bump - April 11



Liz - April 11

Congrats to you!!! I kept walking almost every day up til I delivered. I just felt better.


Cindlo - April 11

Congrates taebo queen ~ I am wanting to not think about it but to me it is very hard especially when I have about 7 women at my place of business pg wishing I was one of them. I try not to think about it when bding but I still do no matter how I yell at myself later. Always on my mind.


helping - April 11

~m~ good luck:)


// - April 11



sersa - April 12



~m~ - April 12

taebo queen, that is an inspiration!!!! I have had 4 miscarriages, and have spent so many hours on the internet, and Google-ing trying to figure out WHY WHY WHY? After the most recent mc, I told myself I was going to get my mind off of it, and it worked for a couple of weeks, and now that I've ovulated for the first time since then, I find myself totally consumed by everything all over again. Thank you so much for sharing your story! And to "helpful", thank you so much for leading me to this thread! I really appreciate it! :o)


Hailey - April 12

congrats to you taebo queen!!! that story is great advice to all of us ttc-ers! hope u hav e a healthy pregnancy! which i am sure you will!! send us some of that healthy, fit baby dust our way! ;-)


Helpful - April 12

Your welcome ~m~. I am sending Baby Dust to everyone ******* I just bought taebo tapes today!


bgumo - April 12



== - April 12



to taebo - April 13

Every month I thoght I was pregnant.I also thought every sign was THE sign.Then I realized It was all in my head. I was making myself sick. My mother had to tell me to get a hold of my self.She said, I was tying my body up in knots and it wasn't gonna happen untill I forgot about it.Your post gives me hope. Thank you for writing it.


Zz - April 16

Some women in this forum really need to read this.


kat - April 16

congrats-i really need to take this advice too-lol!



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