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cbol22 - May 27

Hi ladies. I wanted to share with you my strategy on how I got pregnant. So I BD 2 times a day starting on Monday-Saturday. We didn't miss one day without BDing. My ovulation date was Wednesday. BUT my secret and I am almost 100% sure this is why I got pregnant so fast. After each time I put my legs in the air. I held them up by holding onto my hips, and I also did handstands and headstands. Call me crazy but Im telling you it worked. TRY IT!! Hope my advice helps.


Wish10 - May 27

congrats & God bless!! I tried that once, guess I didn't do it enough! LOL H & H 9 mths!!


Naomi98 - May 27

Lol, glad it worked for you. I tried that once and dh laughed at me so much I fell over! Congratulations to you and here's to a happy and healthy 9 months ahead!!


Teddyfinch - May 28

my secret was when i ovulated i had happened to catch it the day before, i didn't do it that day, i did it the day after ovulation, and then did it again 2 days later...that's it. i put a pillow under my legs (not even my b___t) for 5 minutes after. then went potty and went to bed. guess mine wasn't as funny except when dh left the room and i got bored so i stuck my legs straight up and started bicycling them...but don't tell him! he'll laugh. anyway, congrats cbol22!! so when you due? i'm due in mid november.


cbol22 - May 28

Thanks Wish, Naomi, Teddy!! Congrats Teddy! My headstand story is the funniest!! My hubby always laugh when I "give advice" on how to get pregnant. Im also due mid November. November 13th. And I just found out that I am having a girl!! We are so excited. Do you know what you are having yet?


xx Louise xx - May 28

What's BD?


SarahBethT - May 28

baby dancing. Its a polite and less crude way of saying s_x


MFM731 - May 28

I'm almost 7 weeks pregnant and I think the way I got pregnant was by not thinking about it so much. My husband and I just BD'ed around the time I ovulated, and after that, I didn't try to examine my body for signs of pregnancy (like I usually do!). I just put it out of my head and thought that all the scrutinizing in the world wouldn't make me pregnant, so I should just relax and wait for AF to show. Then, I became so laid-back about it that I spent a week waiting for Af to show. I had all my usual signs, so I was convinced she was coming. Then I tested on 22dpo. Yes I actually waited that long! LOL. I'm certain not stressing about getting pregnant helped us this time!


OrdinaryGirL - May 29

LOL. Just LOL. You can put that in the magazines..tell ur story about it. Im sure they will also like it and you'll never know they might put it in the funny sides! hehehe!



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