How Likely Am I Preg

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Morgan - November 20

First off, I am on the Pill. I had a normal period last month(always have normal periods), but since then have had some pregnancy symptoms(dizzy, nausea, headaches, abdominal cramping, some diarrhea). I missed my last period which is so not normal for me(had very little blood 3 times on toilet paper when my period was supposed to be). I have been feeling really sick everyday this week. I never miss pills and take them about the same time every night. How likely am I pregnant?(By the way I took a HPT the 3rd day I was late and it was Neg.) Has anyone had this happen to them and turned out to be preg? Thanks!


kiki - November 20

Not sure about this one hun.


Morgan - November 21

Could somone please help?


Sparkles - November 21

I am on the Pill and I stopped taking them last month when I got my period. I have been having unprotected s_x with my boyfriend and I haven't had my period yet. I'm feeling tired, sick, goin pee a lot, eating more than usual, my tummy feels firm, and i just feel different. Plus, my b___sts feel a bit tender. Pregnant? Yes or No?


mis - November 21

Does your boyfriend know you're no longer taking them?


PregoLove - November 21

I am pregnant and I got pregnant the first month I quit taking my pills. Although My husband and I were trying to get pregnant. I was so happy that we got pregnant our first try. Why did you stop taking your pills?


Morgan - November 22

Glad people are helping ME! This was my post and no one is helping me:(


Kasey - November 22

Yes it is possible you are pregnant...both my mom and my sister got pregnant while they were on the pill


Sarah - November 22

My best friend got pregnant when she was on the pill, but she was also on medications for her flu. I also know another girl that never missed her pills and got pregnant. I think I may also be preganant, and I have not missed my pills. I'm nausious, cramping, and spotting a little...but I don't get my period for another 10 days...I want to know if a test will work... But to answer your is possible to get pregnant on the pill.


Morgan - November 22

Thank you Kasey and Sarah! I took another preg. test and it too came back neg. I still feel sick though. I guess I will either test again in a week or see if I get my next period.


Christine - November 22

It is possible to get pregnant while you are on the pill...but less likely of long have you been on the pill? Have your periods been normal for a long time or did they just start to begin a regular cycle? Are you going through a lot of stress right now? There are a lot of reasons to why your period has not come on other than being have some of the normal signs of pregnancy but they as well could be a__sociated with something else...I would say wait a week, retest, and if it is still negative and you still do not recieve your period call the doc for a blood test...they are "almost" 100% accurate...good luck


Morgan - November 22

To Christine: I have been on the Pill for 2 1/2 to 3 years. My periods have ALWAYS been regular. No I am not going through alot of stress(except worrying about being pregnant right now). Thank you for your advice.


Audrey - November 22

Judging by the symptoms you might be pregnant. If a home test shows negative you can have a blood test for hCG done, which will say for certain. If you find out that you are in fact pregnant you need to stop taking the pill right away. Best of luck!


Sparkles - November 22

Audrey, could you help me out? Or were you referring your comment to me?



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