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Rhonda - June 19

hi,i took a hpt 9dpo and got a bfn,so then i took another one today at 11dpo and it was a very light likely is it that the bfp test is wrong?I wonder if maybe it could be a evap.line.what do you think?and what exactly is a evap.line?thanks.


mgn - June 19

i dont think the test is wrong. there is always a chance for false negatives, but never false positives. evap lines form after the test in invalid. it is only good for so many minutes (not sure but no longer than 30 minutes i would think) b/c then it can start to show a positive (evap line) from the moisture in you urine. did the second line appear right away or was it awhile later? hope this helps a little.


Rhonda - June 19

mgn,thank you for the help.the second line formed pretty quickly.i took the test and read results after 3-4min.


Danielle26 - June 19

The evap lines don't have any color, either. My first BFP was faint, and came up in 3 to 4 minutes as well. I just tested every few days to make myself feel better, just seeing the lines get darker :) Congrats to you!


Lin - June 20

If it showed in 3-4 minutes, then it sounds like a bfp! I agree with Danielle - keep testing, and you'll feel a lot better about it. Congratulations!


sonia10 - June 20

I have the exact same question. I tested at 16dpo using Aimstick hpt with fmu and got a faint bfp. Then I tested that evening with first response and got a darker bfp. I tested at 17dpo with Aimstick with fmu and didn't see any line(although I had gotten up a lot to pee that night). I tested again on 18dpo with Aimstick and again see a faint bfp. So I am confused - also obsessed with testing I guess. I am on CD33. I have see the +ve line within couple of minutes. Are they really +ve?


j. - June 20

OMG rhonda....sounds like a bfp to me!! congratulations!!! i think you're the first bfp in the 4dpo wait with me thread!! send some baby dust to the rest of us!! congrats girl!!


Rhonda - June 20

Thank you Danielle,Lin,Sonia and J.You are all very supportive,i really appreciate dust to all who is trying.


bethtwo - June 20

here's my sad story: i am 6 days late, had 3 faint positives turn up within 10 seconds, went to dr. yesterday to confirm with blood test, but it was negative. i started bleeding today a little, am wondering if it's a miscarriage or what. weird that it didn't show up on blood test. i'm upset with the dr. though because i asked him which test he was going to run and he said both, but then he only did the yes/no one. i was ticked!! anyway, i don't know what's going on but i'm pretty upset today.


Rhonda - June 20

Bethtwo,im so sorry hun.You okay?What dose your dr think about all this?Could have been a m/c,i would suggest going back to the dr and if nothing else request a u/s.please keep us updated as to how things are going sweetie.


bethtwo - June 20

well he was only in there for about 30 seconds, so i don't know what he thinks. i tried to talk to the nurse today but couldn't get past the darn secretary. i guess i will have to make another appt. to see what's up. i'm doing better today, but still pretty screwed up over the whole thing. it's pretty unbelieveable.


Rhonda - June 20

Sounds like it's very screwed up.I would defeintly make another appointment.Have you taken another hpt?maybe you should just to see if it showa a positive.Some bleeding is normal during pregnancy.I had a bpt done one time and it showed i was not pregnant,but i really was.keep me informed how things go.



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