How Long After Implantation Can I Take A HPT

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Jenny - November 17

Hi. AF came for me two days late this month. My first day of AF was a normal flow (somewhat heavy). My second day of AF in the am and early pm was light bleeding and then I had brown discharge since. Today is day 4 and still just brown discharge. Is it possible for me to have AF for only 1 1/2 days? and what is the brown discharge? Could it be implantation at this point? I just took a HPT and it came back neg!! Should I wait to retake it or was AF just 1 1/2 days long? Any input would be appreciated!! Thanks. Oh, by the way, my hubby and I have been ttc for 10mos. We thought we were pg this month and now all "this'!!


Hi - November 17

I had a short period too, but I wasn't pregnant. good luck.


Jenny - November 17

How short was your period?


Sara - November 17

Implantation happens 6-10 days past ovulation.You need to wait atleast 10 days after ovulating to test but it is best to wait 1 week after you miss your period so that if you are pg it would show up by then.Good luck and baby dust!!


Jenny - November 17

Hey Sara. I didn't actually miss it, it was just around for 1 1/2 days which is very unusual for me. The past two days there was nothing but brown discharge. Does this sound like it could have been implantation to you? Should I wait another week to test again?


Ashley - November 17

Jenny, I am in the same boat, tested yesterday, but it was neg. Called my dr. and she said to wait till day 35 and test again. Keep me posted on your end.


To Ashely - November 17

When did you O. Are you having any other symtoms?


Jenny - November 17

Hey Ashley. So, does your dr. think this could be pg? So Saturday will be my day 35....I guess I will test then. Thanks and good luck to you. By the way, I Oed around 11/3 - 11/4, was expecting AF on the 12th, but got the 14th and then just one day of AF and now nothing....weird.


To Jenny - November 17

When was your last period?? Sorry just tring to compare dates


Jenny - November 17

Hi "To Jenny", I was due for my period on 11/12, but it never came and I am never late. On 11/14 I had a decent amount of blood on my tampon (sorry for tmi). On 11/15 am and early pm I had some blood on my tampon. By 11/15 late pm, I had a brown discharge on my tampon, same for 11/16 and nothing today. So technically, I had AF for 1 1/2 days. Could it have been implantation or was it too much blood for implantation? I took a hpt today and it came out neg, but one of the other posts said to test on my day 35, which will be Sat. What do you think. Thanks for your input.


Jenny - November 17

I had ib with my now 3 year old. I remeber it a little I believe mine was the same 1.5 days of sort of bleeding. But i pasted it off as af. I did not test for another month just as a flook thing and well the rest is history and i have a beautiful child. I would wait at least a week or two and test. I know how hard it is too wait. But it sounds very promosing. My last real period was oct 9. had s_x on the 18, 26, 3 (buisness kept me away) I had my "period" on the 8th (spotting only when i wiped) 9th a bit more never filled a tampon, 10th nothing, 11 spotting only when i wiped. All test negative. Last test taken was last week. Im thinking of just chilling and waiting to see what happens first of Dec. i guess is when i should start again. I just hate it because I have been having nasty headaches.


to jenny - November 17

Your af sounded to heavy to be IB..sorry. I would consider that AF.


kate - November 18

jenny--wait about 5 days---take another hpt---and let us knew !


corsicafrance - November 18

I myself don't have spotting during implantation, just some brown discharge but my friend did. She was in the same situation like you, like having AF like spotting for 1.5 day, she went for a blood test right after the spotting & was able to be confirmed pregnant right then. A blood test will probably be able to tell u more precisely if u are pregnant or not (especially if u are too anxious to continue waiting...)


Jenny - November 18

Hi Ladies...I noticed there is another "Jenny" on the post. I am Jenny WITHOUT the 3 year-old. Anyway, thank you all for your input. It probably is AF, just getting my hopes up for it NOT to be. I will test in 5 days and at that point give up!!!! and start again this month!!! Good luck to everyone ttc!!



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