How Long After Ovulation Should I Get My Period?

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Smiley123 - September 5

I'm really confused! (This may seems a bit of a silly question) but I ovulated on the 24th of August so I'm now 12 DPO and I keep seeing ladies talking about the 2 week wait after ovulation before they're period starts, so does this mean that I should be having my period in the next 2 days? I know this might sound dumb I'm on a 28-30 cycle so I'm just wondering when it is that I should do a pregnancy test because my last period was on the 15august but only lasted 2 days where as it's usually 4 days so not sure now when I should be due on, if anyone could help me please It would be much appreciated TIA


Grandpa Viv - September 5

If your last period began on Aug 15th and you have a 29 day cycle, the next period should begin on Sept 13th. Ovulation would most likely have been Aug 30th, 14 days before the expected period. Those 14 days represent the two week wait. There is not much point taking a test until the wait is over. 

If you think your two day August period was actually an in-pregnancy bleed, you could run a test any morning now. Do you have any early pregnancy signs?


Smiley123 - September 5

I thought my ovulation would also be the 30th but according to my clear blue ovulation kit I had an LH surge on the 24th August? I did wonder if maybe it was an implantation bleed but surely since just before the 15th August I would get a positive by now? 


Smiley123 - September 5

I forgot to mention I also don't have many signs except headaches, eating more, and my tummy looks massive to me (although that could be from all the food I'm eating) I've also just recently noticed I have one prominent vein around my areolas that's never been there before (although it's quite small) 


Grandpa Viv - September 6

I'm more inclined to take the 30th as ovulation and Sept 14th as the time to test. Early signs begin before a positive test. 



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