How Long After Your AF Was Due Did You Get A BFP

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haleywonder - October 29

i'm 3 days late and all the home tests and the one i had at the doc today have come up negative. she told me to get another one in a week if i still haven't gotten my period, but i'd like to get a general idea of how long after you were late you got a bfp. thanks!


wifeNmommy84 - October 30

Hi there! i have had 2 babies before and with each pregnancy i didnt get my BFP until i was 1 month and 2 days late! both times. my HCG levels take a while to be detected. maybe you are the same way. GL to you!


emily62 - October 30

Generally the best time to test is one week after your missed period, though some women can get a BFP only a day or two after they miss their period. It just depends on how strong your pregnancy hormones are (some weaker than others) and it also depends on the type of pregnancy test you get. Try an early preg test if you haven't already, they are usually pretty accurate. good luck!


Tonigirl - October 30

I got mine 6 days after my missed period. Good luck to you.


haleywonder - October 30

wifeNmommy, did you or your doctor worry about miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy at all? did you have other pregnancy symptoms before you received your BFP? that certainly gives me hope!


haleywonder - October 30



haleywonder - October 31

anyone else out there that can help me out? i'm 5 days late and am still testing negative. what else would be causing me to miss my period? and does an ectopic pregnancy show up on a pregnancy test?


SarahBethT - October 31

4 days here


runnershirl - October 31

Haley and all the other ladies...I'm with you! It's nice to know I'm not alone. I'm 6 days late and 2 negative blood tests. I presume that the hormones just aren't detected yet? Who knows. It's encouraging to know that people really do get false positives a month or so out.


haleywonder - October 31

runnershirl, keep us posted about what happens w/ you (if you get a BFP or start your period). this is driving me absolutely nuts!


SmileyKylie - November 1

Hi Haleywonder, my period is around 2 1/2 weeks late and I have had 2 negative HPTs. I stopped my contraceptive pill around the beginning of September so I'm wondering if i'm not ovulating yet - hence the missed period. I've had lots of period pain and clear/milky CM just about every day for 2 weeks! I don't know what to do! I guess we just have to be patient and wait to see what happens. Ectopic pregnancies do show up on a pregnancy test as the woman still produce more of the pregnancy hormone. If you have very bad period pains then that could be a possibility. Were you s_xually active around your ovulating time? Sometimes stress causes late periods. Good luck! Let us know how you go.


haleywonder - November 2

smiley- you are quite correct in saying we just need to be patient and see what happens! i haven't been on birth control for over decade, so i don't remember how long it took me to regulate into a normal cycle again. i will be officially late a week tomorrow, and still no bfp. i have been feeling more lightheaded today than i have since this whole thing began, and my bb's are getting a bit sore. the cm seems a bit sporadic for me (this next part may be a bit TMI...) but i feel it come out and go to the bathroom expecting it to be my period and it's just the cm. this past friday night a had a tiny spot of blood in the cm after s_x and am wondering what that could be about but at this point it's just one more thing. i'm either going to start my period or get a bfp...just need to be patient!


runnershirl - November 3

Haley~ Any update on you? I'm presently 8 days late and no AF. We all like a break from AF, but not when the break is accompanied by nausea and other symptoms, yet no confirmation of baby. frustrating. I did have an ultrasound last week and they found a cyst on my ovary, but I don't know that the cyst could be causing my nausea, funny tasting foods, headaches, sensitive b___bs.. No cramping yet. Also, I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that an ultrasound wouldn't detect a baby yet...So, yes--we must wait and it's very frustrating.


haleywonder - November 3

hi runnershirl~ yup, still no AF and one week late. since last night i've been experiencing the kind of spotting similar to what i thought was implantation bleeding a couple weeks ago now. i was curious about the ultrasound thing myself and decided i'd go get one if i miss my next period and still no AF or BFP. perhaps you may have gone too early? could your ovarian cyst be blocking AF somehow? that's what i'm wondering about for myself, because if we're not pregnant then why the f are we late?!?!? sorry, had to get that out! keep me posted!


runnershirl - November 3

Haley--you took the words right out of my mouth. haha. Yes, what the f is going on? It's hard not to thikn about it, when you're nauseated all the time, like I am. Food tastes funny. maybe the cyst could cause irregular bleeding, but could it cause nausea and funny tastes too? I am so confused. I may have gone too early, but I went at 4w4d of my cycle, so I'm going to wait before I do another. Right now everything thinks I'm crazy anyhow or just not admitting that I'm NOT pregnant. Frustrating.


runnershirl - November 4

Haley, I meant to mention--I've been told the cyst could cause irregular cycles (but the last several months, it gave me 2 cycles, not NO cycles.) I've had cysts before and never missed my cycle this long. 9 days today. Some cramping...lots and lots of gas/burping. I think I'll do another HPT tomorrow and then wait til my DH and I return from Cali on the 13th to see what happens. How are you doing? Did your spotting develop into anything? I'll check back tomorrow, but will be away for a week.


haleywonder - November 4

i'm glad i have someone who understands this frustration!!!! the spotting stopped yesterday early afternoon and i've been fine in that regard since. did your doctor say anything about having the cyst removed or will it go away on it's own? things like that are definitely troubling, especially if it's causing your irregular periods and symptoms of pregnancy. in my case, i'm wondering if this is all brought on by the bacterial vaginosis, yet i don't want to take any antibiotics in the case i am pregnant. i've even starting taking prenatal vitamins just in case! i can't find any info online about bv causing irregular periods, but someone suggested that possibility on another board. 8 days for me today. definitely a bit more ga__sy than usual and bb's tend to be more sore in the evening than other times of day, but no nausea. my bf smokes cigarettes (i know, gross-- he says he'll quit if we are pregnant) and last night it really made me ill. i hope you have a good vacation!



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