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marla - December 23

Yes I have been spotting for 3 days it is a real lite pink and sometimes it looks like a real lite red I have cramps and my belly feels real heavy dont know what that means my husband and I just started ttc the 12 of this month I didnt start to have the symtoms til 3 to 4 days ago it started out cramping and then then next day I woke up wiped myself it was pink then tured lite red then stopped then the next 2 day it still real lite the only way you can see it is when I wipe but I was on the depo for 2 years and stopped 6 months ago still dont have a period it could be me trying to have a period it just seem werid we started ttc 11 day ago and now I am getting pregnancy signs what do you think


Marla - December 23

Please can someone answer me and give me some advice if you all got any thanks....


marla - December 24

if anyone is up this late it would be wounderful if someone could give me some advice thank good luck to everyone


Jennifer - December 24

Hi Marla, I know how you feel on this. I was on depo for 2 years as well, and the first time I got my period it was very strange... It was pretty much the same situation as yours, with the first sign of AF about 6 months after I was off depo. For another 6 months after that, AF was very strange... The first time was just spotty, like you, then 2 weeks later I would spot for a few days, then stop, then another 2 weeks and a heavy period, etc... Things didn't settle down for quite awhile! For the past 5 months I have finally been regular (I went off depo in June 03)! We have just started TTC this month - I wanted to wait till my cycle was normal again, and we had other things going on as well.... Anyhow, long story short, this could just be the way your body is reacting to finally having AF again. Then again, I'm certainly not a doctor, just speaking from my own experience, so you could be pg too! Best way to tell would be to test, but as you haven't had regular cycles to judge timelines on, this could be tough :) Hope this helps somewhat!!


Marla - December 24

Could someone give me some more advice it would be wounderful thanks... merry christmas and a happy new year


Marla - December 25

could someone else please give me some more advive thanks.


Grandpa Viv - December 25

Marla, if the only signs of pregnancy you have can be confused with AF, you probably don't need to be getting excited just yet. Good luck.



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