How Long Did It Take AF To Get Regular After BCP

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oz - June 11

Hi ladies, i stopped the BCP just over 2 months ago and the first month off it i had a standard 28 day cycle however this month im now 6 days late. My partner and i arent actually ttc just yet but decided after being on the BCP for over 8 years i should stop to try and let my body get back to normal before we do start trying (hopefully later in the year). We havent been the most careful and used the withdrawl method once and didnt put the condom on until the end another time (day 12 and 14) so i have done 3 HPT just to make sure but they are all neg. I feel im late as my body is just getting back to normal since going off the bcp so I was just wondering if any ladies can let me know how long it took them to get back to a regular cycle after stopping the BCP? Thanks in advance xx


RuGreen - June 11

oz - I would love to know this, too. I thought I was pregnant a couple of weeks ago - mild cramping in my lower left abdomen, dizziness, lots of trips to the bathroom, and generally just not feeling like myself - and I was concerned because my DH and I had an "accident" with a condom (which we use because I also take st. john's wort and BCPs). I stopped taking my BCPs last Saturday and started what seemed like AFT on Sunday (and I regularly wouldn't start until, well, today). It lasted about 5 days. Like you, I haven't felt like myself. I've had two negative HPTs. This 'not knowing' really stinks, doesn't it?


mgn - June 11

hey girls. i have been off the bcp since last june of 2005. to make you feel better, my cycle's are not totally irregular but they change. for example, at st i was a 28 day cycle. then it went to a 26. once, i was about 4-5 days late so it was like a 33-34 day cycle and this last one was a 24 day cycle. again, nothing to worry about but i hope this helps. it is normal to be out of wack for awhile once getting off bcp. your best bet is to take a test if your worried. i did and they were always negative :( unfourtunately. best wishes.


Heather_Baby - June 11

well im kinda in the same boat.. i was only on BCP for a month tho and i stopped it cause i didnt like it.. i stopped last month and now im 7 days late. My last period was May 8th... i took a test June 7th, BFN.. still no AF tho.. ??


Nell4Him - June 11

Like I told Heather in her thread, I was on Birth Control, different kinds, for so long (about 3 years) that I was expected at least 6 months before I got pregnant, but just a little after 2 months, I found out was pregnant. The last time I stopped birth control I had a few 17 days and less cycles, but then it shot up to 34's. I have only been tracking with my monthly cycles for one year now and my longest ever was when I was on birth control and that was 57 days, but my shortest (just after stopping bc) was 15. I don't know if this is at all helpful, but that's what happend to me.


catsmeow - June 11

I'm on CD 75... ;-(


oz - June 12

Thanks for your responses ladies. Well shes still not here today so im officially a week late. I just hate this waiting game and wish she would just show her face and get it over with :)


michelle - June 12

well i got off bcp last july/aug and i've still yet to have a reg cycle. my ob put me on provera as i went 2 months w/out af. and followed w/clomid. everyone is different so its basically just how your own body reacts. good luck .


LadyD - June 12

I was on Depo a few yrs ago and I stopped getting the shot in March. I didn't get an af the whole 3 yrs. I was on the shot, af started coming again in Sept., I got pg in January and I wasn't ttc.



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