How Long Do You Keep Your Legs Elevated After Bding

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sian 1 - June 12

how long should i have my legs in the air after bding due to o today or tomorrow and have bd 7,8,9,10x2,11,12x2 legs elevated for 20 mins after bd on 12th (today) what chances do you think i have plan to bd at least once tomorrow ??


sian 1 - June 12



sian 1 - June 12

please answer ??? this is a serious question .


Jennbj - June 12

I usually keep my legs up (in the position of doing situps) until I fall asleep or am too tired to keep them up anymore. I've heard 20 minutes and I know there were times I kept them up at least that long. But I am not 100% convinced that it even helps at all. I just got my BFN and af so I hope that it helps you to get your BFP. Sorry I'm not much help but that is my take on it.


Steff - June 12

I've heard that it isn't so much your legs as it is keeping your bum up. Try putting a pillow under your bum when you are done bding. However, I have heard pros and cons to doing this. Sometimes the s____n will pool and not make it into the cervix. I got pg without using any type of method like this. I am also the type of person who goes to the washroom right after s_x. Everyone is different but I managed to get pregnant within 3 months of going odd BCP. Good luck to you on your ttc jourrney :)


mgn - June 12

sian, i think 20 minutes is good enough. also, i dont think u need to keep your legs up in the air that long. just stay laying down (perhaps put a pillow under your bum) and keep your legs closed or crossed. my cuz did this and got preggers so who knows? why not? good luck.


LN030905 - June 12

Sian, I think the best chance you have of concieving is if u bd 2-3 days before you gives the sperm time to get there and and to be waiting on the egg...I have also *heard* that it really doesnt matter if you prop up your hips or not..but it cant hurt, right? LOL! Try doing the imaginary bycicle...sticking ur b___t and legs in the air and will feel really funny, but Ive heard good things come from that as well. Good Luck!


Patti - June 12

Make sure to orgasm too. It can be during, or right after, whatever it takes. Helps get those spermies up in there. That's what seemed to do the trick for me. Good luck!



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