How Long Does Implantation Bleeding Occur For

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Tara - July 7

Hello. I got my period on july 4 but it wasn't a "normal" period for me. It was more like brownish in color with a little red and it lasted (on and off) 4 days. could this just have been my period or could it be implantation bleeding? how long does I.B. usually last for and how can you tell the difference between the two? Any info. would be helpful. Thanks.


sheena - July 7

same exact thing has happened to me so i have this same question lets talk together i dont know if this is my period or if iam preg i hope so


Beth I - July 7

Hey, I did some research on this, and found out that implantation bleeding can last up to 4 days, and is pretty light. It's usually light red or brown in color, but that's all I really know.


Tara - July 8

Thanks Sheena and Beth! Do either of you know how long I should wait to take another hpt? I hope I am preg. too. Good luck to you Sheena.


Jenny - July 8

Hi, my name is Jenny.I have been doing a lot of research and Implantation bleeding lasts about 3-5 days. I.B. is also a lot lighter flow than a period and is brownish to pinkish in color. I hope this helps you.


Tara - July 9

Thanks. I took another test today and it came out negative again, but I just don't feel "right". I guess I will wait to see if I ovulate next weekend and take it from there.


to tara - July 9

IB occurs 6 - 14 days after you Ovulate. It usually lasts between 3 - 5 days with light spotting, very light to where it only fills 1-2 pantyliners a day with a brown - pink color. However, it can differ for everyone. Some people have it heavier and some have it longer. It all depends on your body. It is possible. They say to wait a week after your af is due to test.


UK_Karen - July 9

hi ther i experienced this too about a week ago, mine started pinkish they by the time it had finished was a black colour, also not normal for me, hope i am pg. good luck for you too


Dawn - July 10

That same thing happened to me a over a month ago, I thought it was my period, but it's being described exactly like all of you are saying implantation is. I'm only 15, and I don't want to be pregnant.. But I am having no signs of starting. The last time I "bled" was near the end of may, about a week after I had s_x.. And it was 3-4 days, light, brownish pinkish.. What do I do??


Tara - July 11

Hello Dawn, my advice to you is if you think you may be pregnant, go see a doctor right away. Good luck to you. I hope all works out for you. Keep me posted.


Lia - July 25

I'm having the same problem..mine is a little different though. My period is a week late, and I bleed everytime I have s_x...what is the problem?


Ashley - July 25

My period was due on July 13th, but it came 12 days later (today) its very light in flow and color. I used a tampon but it was pointless, so im using a liner...not too much bleeding though...I'm hoping this is IB!!


Pamela - July 25

The same thing happened to me on july 13, but I had it for 6 days and it was so light I only covered the tip of the tampon in one day. Could this be IB?


Ashley - July 25

I hope its IB!!!! Baby Dust to all!!! *******************


Nina - July 26

Hey ladies, Im on the same boat...Got my period July 23rd and two days lata ,I had noticed that it was no longer red it was more brownish color. Very confused!!


SARA - July 26

Hi everyone, I wanted to know if the bleeding happens to everyone whose pregnant or just some women? When does it exactly happen? Because I am due for AF tomorrow and I did a HPT and there was a light to medium faint. Thanks.


Lia - July 26

Yea does it necessarily mean IB, if you bleed during s_x? Is this happening to anyone else?



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