How Long Does Implantation Bleeding Occur For

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Lia - July 26

Yea does it necessarily mean IB, if you bleed during s_x? Is this happening to anyone else?


sharron - July 26

hi .i am new here .you would think that after six children i would know the signs of pregnancy but i am a bit miffed.i am trying for another baby ,my period was due on the 25th july after having a really bad headache i thought it was af but it has just been a brown colour and not much of it on the pad a bit more when i wipe but no blood .in all of my other pregnancies nothing like this happened .could this be an implantation bleed?


Sarah - July 27

I've been looking online trying to get information about this. I was supposed to start my af yesterday. I've had a light brown discharge since yesterday morning. It's not heavy at all. I've never had this before. I've also had very tender b___sts and some cramping. I hope that I'm pregnant! Everyone keep us posted!


Jillane - August 21

I have a questions. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a few months. My period is supposed to start in 4-5 days. After going pee and wipe there is a brown color discharge on the tissue. Does any one know if this is a sign of pregancy.


Syllypoohbear - August 21

If it filled more then 1 to 3 tampons or pads in a day it couldn't be implantion bleeding. It is VERY light and usually brown and pink. Hope it helps good luck! ~Yaya


szelosza - October 25

hello my name is szelosza n im 19.. i dont kno if its implatation bleeding. my flow is light n the blood is dark red with no cramping. then earlier i had brown i pregnant?


krissy2006 - October 25

IB should not be a flow. It is generally only a few spots and it is generally not red but pinkish-brown. If you have flow you are either on your period or having early pregnancy bleeding.


szelosza - October 25

thanks krissy..but wat do u mean by spots??..clumps?


tyler0323 - October 25

she means spotting, not enough blood for a pad or tampon, its normally a bit of blood when you wipe. remember menstration can consist of yellow discharge, a flow or brownish fluid


Shelli06 - August 9

Hi I have had the same problem...I usually have a really haveny period, but this time I started a day late and was very very light red and brownish, mostly when using the restroom when I would wipe, had unprotected s_x...could I be pregnant? Or is this just a period? Someone please help!


Marie - August 9

I had implantation bleeding with my DD about 6 days after I conceived and it lasted for 4 or 5 days.


MelissaC - October 18

Hello. I'm really confused and you ladies seem quite knowledgeable. I had s_x during my 'most fertile' time a couple of weeks ago. We used a condom, which didn't split, but slipped off when he was withdrawing. I took the morning after pill 12 hours later to be on the safe side, so these symptoms could be to do with that. About 5 days later I started had a pinkish discharge, which progressed to brown stuff. Never more than a panty liner a day. Lasted about 5 days. Not sure whether it's stopped or not, still going a bit I think. Something just doesn't feel right about it. I took a pregnancy test yesterday which was negative, but I realise it was a bit early to show up anyway. Any ideas whether this is IB or a side effect from the EC pill?


MapleMom - October 18

I feel less crazy knowing there are other ladies going through what I am. I started spotting very light pink on tuesday (3 days now) and I'm not expecting AF until next tuesday. I've never spotted this long or this early before... could it be IB? My hubby and I haven't been TTC exactly, but I know we would be happy either way (I'd be ecstatic)... anyone think they might know whats up?


jenniferavalos - November 24

I had implantation bleeding with all three pregnancies (and today, I think a fourth!) and it was just a light pink blood that I noticed when wiping after urinating. It only lasted about 3-4 times of going to the bathroom, maybe a few hours and didn't stain my panties or require the use of a pad. Well in the first pregnancy it happened like that too, but then came back a few days later and was light brown. But I believe my body was trying unsuccessfully to have a miscarriage because it was accompanied by severe cramps, and that pregnancy ended because the heart never started beating and the baby never developed so I had a "missed miscarriage" and had to have a D&C. Hope that helps.


brandy - November 29

Now that I've read everyones questions, makes me feel a lot better. My question is for a day and a half I've had a light pink to now today a brownish tint like discharge and have had very mild cramping. I have been TTC and want to know if this is IB or just the begnnings of another period. My b___sts are sore. I was supposed to start on nov. 22 and now today is the 29th and still no period. Could someone help by responding and giving me some feedback. That would be great. I'm hoping that this is IB. :)


mckenziesmommy - November 29




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