How Long Does Implantation Bleeding Occur For

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mckenziesmommy - November 29



kelsajo - November 29

ok, i've got the same thing, first day was light brown and the last 2-3days was a dark brown discharge and now it's gone. we are ttc, to an extent, we are not preventing, but i have not yet started completely charting yet either. with the discharge i had a few cramps for those days and now i'm back to normal and to start af next week. i am starting to have baby fever, if anyone who has had these same symptoms comes up pregnant PLEASE LET ME KNOW, for i'm really not wanting to get my hopes up!!!!


kelsajo - November 29

i forgot to mention, this is not normal for me, usually the pms and spotting are ALWAYS ON TIME, give a day or so, always the second week of the month(first FULL week of each month ex: i should be starting af the week of Dec 3rd)


Eliz121 - December 4

I am so happy to read that all of you are going through the same thing I am! Someone told me that IB last only one day and when I had spotting a 2nd and then a 3rd day I was worried that something was wrong or that I wasn't pregnant. I had my last pd on 11/6 (I think!) and I started having extreme b___st tenderness (like nothing i have ever experienced before and they are HUGE- does this happen that early?!) about 10 days ago and then a little tiny bit of pinkish spotting just once on Saturday (Dec 1) then yesterday and today I had a little bit of light spotting that was brownish in color. I have been having many pms type symptoms for about a week too... My husband and I arent exactly ttc but will be happy if we are preg! I am SO anxious to find out and my hpt was obviously neg (I think I would have been ovulating like 11/19-11/22?) bc it is too early to detect in urine, but my dr can't get me in for a blood test until almost 2 weeks from now! The suspense is killing me! Any advice?


Eliz121 - December 4

Tara- It seems that from what everyone here is saying and from what I have personally read that IB can last up to 5 or even 6 days but is avg like 3 days. The main thing everyone I have spoken w who in fact experienced IB for sure (they now have babies) had in common is that they only seemed to have any spotting when they went to the bathroom. Never just found it in their underwear. Also I have heard that it is VERY light like barely anything at all. However, just to let you know I personally have had periods like you are describing where they are very short, very light, and more brown than red almost the entire time! I think the main difference between a "weird" period and IB is that w IB it is MUCH lighter and less consistent. Hope this helps!


stillmourning - December 5

When I had IB it was just a little spotting of brown/light pink a couple times throughout one day. Everyone is different though. =)


Mrs.hutchinson_08 - May 27

i'm having the same thing, i'm only 16 and 3 days after i concived i have been having this pink/brown/ and lite red spotting with very mild cramps, it happened a week before my period and it lasted only 4-5 days could i be pregnant? or should i wate untill the 1st 0f june when i am expected to have my period to take a test.


angelmonkey - June 1

so has anyone actuallt ended up pregnant on here? everyone just says how they have implantation bleeding and u dont here form then again?? well im cd20 and 6dpo and atrted spotting yesterday its just like a brown discharge and sometimes is pink and watery i have been ttc for 9months so i hope this is it i am due on in 8days time so we will c, so how many people have had implantation bleeding and ended up pregnant?


whitney - June 10

hello all.about 5 or 6 days ago i started having light pink bleeding but only when i would whipe then it turned to a light brown then a dark brown, but again its very light, and generally only when i whipe but also very inconsistant, i haven't had any today so far but im waiting. its very odd. i also have very tender b___sts and am always very tired. any helpful advice would be great!


angelmonkey - June 10

i had that 6dpo and i,ve just found out im pregnant! good luck!


juggalettemommy - June 12

Yeah same happened to me but mine was mostly brownish with a hint of pink and clear mucus like stuff. I dont know whats going on I got this 4 days before I expected my period and it only lasted a day now its just mucus with pink.


katiekins - July 16

Hi new to this site. My husband and I has s_x when I was ovulating about 5-6 days ago and about 3 days ago i started to get this pinkish brownish discharge and it has lasted about 4 days now. Could I be pregnant? How long do i have to wait to take a test?


schreck - July 16

Probably the most accurate would be to wait until you are late and then test using first morning pee.


Sonrisa - July 16

My periods are usually every 30 -33 days. For the past week I have been having all sorts of pregnancy symptoms and yesterday I had pink discharge when I wiped today it was brown but only when I wipe. I took a pregnancy test two days ago but it was negative. My period is due on the 19th.; I am wondering if it is too early to test? It does sound like we are all pregnant. I am also having some cramps which does concern me a little.


mama0007 - July 17

Ok...I am just like everyone on here it sounds...confused as to whether or not I could be pregnant. But I am paranoid it seems (lol) I take tests all the time, and I love getting my period for piece of mind I think!!! Anyway. I started a super low does BC the end of May, one day (Sunday) after my period started. I took it on time everyday, but then never got my period when the sugar pills started. So I went to get my next pack of pills after taking a preg test and it being negative. Last week I spotted for the first time in my life periodically for 5 days only after wiping. Then it stopped. This could be a side effect from the the pill, but then again, I am wondering if it could have been IB since I am not exactly careful with s_x! I don't feel pregnant although with my second child I didn't either. But I also don't feel like I am going to start bleeding either! CONFUSED!!! Not supposed to start the sugar pills again til Sunday so who knows when I should take a test...don't want to be taking birth control if I am pregnant!


KB34 - July 18

Hi, I am new to postin but have watched the forum in silence for a few days hoping to here see some good news for those here. I am ttc and I have just come off the depo shot. I started having the same symptoms described here last Sat 07/15/08. Now I am getting concerned. I feel nausea everyday and I am starting to have cravings for foods I don't normally ever crave. I have tenderness in my b___st near my armpit and underneath them. I also am not bleeding enough to fil a liner in a day. Very noticeable when I wipe or pee. I have seen a drop or too in the water. It has gone from light pink to brown to darkred to brown to light pink to pinkish brown. Crazy it seems. I took a hpt on 07/08/08 that was neg. I took one today not first morning on both and neg again. I have been pregnant before and I know that I get a definate strong ammonia-like urine smell fairly early like within a week. I have gotten that a few times already no test available at the time. The tests I took unfortunately were later on in the day. My Bad! Thought I could cheat. Still no dice! Does anybody think they could tell me if this sounds like I am pregnant to you. I wil make a Dr. appt but I am tired being disappointed with the results.



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